voldo video

I actually had a busy day today. But enough of that, I think you should watch this: dance voldo dance (from Soul Calibur) (I think Alex especially will appreciate this….)


I sprained my ankle, today. Went for a run and it just kinda rolled over, sending me into the gravel and dirt. … *cough* lame! *cough*

i got box!

No, the other kind, unfortunately. :'( The box I shipped to myself from Japan just arrived yesterday. It was amazingly undamaged. I had some winter clothes, shoes, books and other boring stuff in there. But I also had my underwater housing for my IXY camera and the gifts I got from my department. My department… Continue reading i got box!

Someone stole my shirt!

Oh my god…. today was going so well… until… So I woke up earlier than usual, biked to the gym and had a good workout w/my oldest stister. Then I went to the pool for a nice, relaxing swim. My shirt, however, was soaked with sweat from the workout. I decided I’d run it under… Continue reading Someone stole my shirt!

killing time

I’ve really been enjoying my time of nothingness. Really, I have. It’s so welcome. I should try actually doing something, though. Anyways, today, I killed some time browsing lj communities and such; I’ve never really done that before. I can’t remember exactly how I found them, but I found some that are practically exhibitionist communities.… Continue reading killing time

keep those floppies!

I’ve recently acquired an old PC which I thought would be good to have around the house as a simple internet browser and chat client. I also thought it would be good to install Gentoo Linux on it, which I currently run on my laptop. (Yes, I’m going to be a bastard and force my… Continue reading keep those floppies!

Back in the saddle…

…or is it, out of the saddle and sleeping in the ditch? Yesterday, I returned to Vancouver. I was welcomed by four members of my way-too-big family and we had a huge dinner with even more family and friends, that night. I could barely stay up near the end, as I did not really get… Continue reading Back in the saddle…

slightly belated

I finally put the Okinawa pictures up online! This is the only real “gallery” I’ve ever uploaded since coming to Japan, but it should be a good browse. Check it out, here: http://izmweb.sytes.net/izm/album/ There’s some cool underwater pictures! This is, of course, the highlight.  I used a gallery-generator called “album,” and I thought I had… Continue reading slightly belated

weekend almost over….

Well, I got back at 8am, this morning. Last night, I went out for a night in Nagoya. First we went to a really cool izakaya that I’ve never been to before – Yagya; and it’s right near the station! Shame on me! I ate some of the best karage I’ve ever had: Thai flavoured… Continue reading weekend almost over….