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voldo video

I actually had a busy day today. But enough of that, I think you should watch this:

dance voldo dance (from Soul Calibur)

(I think Alex especially will appreciate this….)


I sprained my ankle, today. Went for a run and it just kinda rolled over, sending me into the gravel and dirt.

*cough* lame! *cough*

Metroid Prime

Damn… Omega Pirate just totally kicked my ass. 🙁

i got box!

No, the other kind, unfortunately. :'(

The box I shipped to myself from Japan just arrived yesterday. It was
amazingly undamaged. I had some winter clothes, shoes, books and other
boring stuff in there. But I also had my underwater housing for my IXY
camera and the gifts I got from my department. My department gave me a
nice ceramic lamp for my birthday and a Japanese curtain (‘noren’) for
my going-away party – so I guess they don’t hate me… but I’ll never
KNOW! < -- that bothers me.

Oh, and my coworker brought me back this freaky Thai statuette from his
business trip to Thailand (cuz I helped w/the English in his
presentation). When it’s not giving me nightmares, it’s pretty cool.

Today, I read and played video games. Ah, the good life. I finished The
Wheel Of Time Book 2, today. Sweet, only 9 more to go. …. ~ugh~


I was looking for a minimal web browser to run on that computer I’ve
been setting up. “Dillo” is cool, and it’s super lightweight (thus
running easily), but guess what one of the main uses for this computer
will be? Hotmail. *shudder* Okay, so I had to find something that could
do more complicated websites and not require any more than 32MB of RAM.
Minimo looks interesting, but is at version 0.1. I chose Opera. Plus,
it supports mouse gestures, which I love.

Another note with that computer: Debian package management. I’ve pretty
much figured out apt-get, but a higher-level program
is recommended for package management: dselect. I’ve
never been more confused by something that should not be confusing, at
all! After not being able to figure out why it would not install the
packages I had selected (I tried maybe 5 times), I gave up and
apt-got them with no problems. Huh? I thought they
were suppose to do the same thing?

I read somewhere that dselect is the preferred method and just
Uh huh.
The first two bugs listed on the dselect man page:

1) The dselect package selection interface is confusing to some new
users. Reportedly, it even makes seasoned kernel developers cry.

2) The documentation is lacking.


Steve needs box!

Someone stole my shirt!

Oh my god…. today was going so well… until…

So I woke up earlier than usual, biked
to the gym and had a good workout w/my oldest stister. Then I went to
the pool for a nice, relaxing swim. My shirt, however, was soaked with
sweat from the workout. I decided I’d run it under the shower and hang
it up on some hooks to dry off somewhat when I’m done in the pool. I
have my swim, and it was also nice; mixed in with a bit of hot tub and
sauna to relax the muscles. I finish in the pool, and my shirt’s gone!
WTF! Who the hell takes a soaking wet shirt?!
AAAaargh… so pissed off. That was one of my favourite UNIQLO shirts I
brought back from Japan! >.< Biked home w/no shirt.

killing time

I’ve really been enjoying my time of nothingness. Really, I
have. It’s
so welcome. I should try actually doing something, though. Anyways,
today, I killed some time browsing lj communities and such; I’ve never
really done that before. I can’t remember exactly how I found them, but
I found some that are practically exhibitionist communities. yes, I
joined them – who knows when I’ll be bored next? Maybe I’ll even
whip out the digi-cam and try some artsy self-portraits… – don’t
worry, I highly
doubt it.  eheh

And, on a related note, I can’t believe how many communities follow
this simple formula:
1) Look at me!
2) You’re pretty.
3) Thank you.

Nothing really wrong w/that, I guess….  always good to have
an ego-boost.

Anyways, I found one group in particular that is fucking

right.  It’s for people to talk about why a ninja is better
than a pirate, or vice versa; it’s a pretty tough call. 
definitely have a unique fashion sense, and they’re allowed to drink
and have fun.  But ninjas… c’mon… they’re
NINJAS!  True,
ninjas probably only eat enough to give them sufficient energy to hang
their 30kg frames from ceilings using their thumbs – and even then,
it’s probably beans and tofu type substances – and not starve. BUT if
you take it literally, “Ninja VS Pirate,” the pirate’s fucking dead
before he gets his hand on his cutlass.

“But pirates have guns!” you say….


Pirate: “Oh shit!  A
ninja come to kill me!” 
Pirate reaches for single-shot

Ninja: smoke bomb.  blow dart to the neck.  Ninjas
don’t miss.
Pirate: Dead on ground with gun
still in his pants.

Ninja: Gone.

And now, GeekyStuff…
I gave up trying Gentoo on a 166 w/32 MB of RAM.  I had it
installed from the liveCD, but when I did the following:
emerge -u portage

It commenced on a never-ending-page-swapping horror story. 
a couple days of it stuck on the same place in a configure script, I
just rebooted it.  But there was something wrong with the hard
drive, and linux wouldn’t fully boot.  Maybe I coulda fixed
maybe not.  I just thought I’d give Debian a try,
instead.  I
think it’s more suited to the hardware.  So I’m currently
installing Debian.  At least I won’t have to compile
everything…. ^^

Oh yeah, I finally bought a gamecube.  Got one at the
pawn-shop for $80 CDN.  I’ve borrowed six games off my
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Zelda: Wind Waker, Resident Evil, Metroid
Prime, Burnout, Tony Hawk 4

I haven’t played all of them, yet, but I know they’re good

I must buy Smash
….. the greatest game on earth.

keep those floppies!

I’ve recently acquired an old PC which I thought would be good
to have around the house as a simple internet browser and chat client.
I also thought it would be good to install Gentoo Linux on it, which I
currently run on my laptop. (Yes, I’m going to be a bastard and force
my poor family members to use Linux)…. Well, as it turns out, the
ethernet adapter installed on this PC is an ISA Intel Ether Express
Pro. Because of this <sarcasm>
wonderful </sarcasm> setup, I’ve spent
the last couple days trying to figure out what’s wrong with the PC, and
why I could not get it on the network. Finally, I found some decent
From there, I was able to find the driver software on the net,
E10DISK.EXE. This contained the required program, SOFTSET2.EXE. But to
run this, of course, I needed DOS. …but… I just installed Linux!
Oi… I discovered that E10DISK.EXE was just a self-extracting file,
and ran it on my windows PC. Then I copied 2 files, SOFTSET2.EXE and
ISS2.EXE to a floppy. I had to boot my new (old) PC into MS-DOS and run
the setup program to disable PNP on the ISA card. I was able to do this
using my old Win98 startup disk, and then swapping disks. After
changing a couple more settings in the BIOS and adding parameters to
the modprobe, everything WORKED!
And now the PC is syncing with the portage database. Isn’t life grand?
So, the moral of the story is: keep those old MS-DOS startup disks!
That’s not the first time they’ve saved my ass.

Back in the saddle…

…or is it, out of the saddle and sleeping in the ditch?
Yesterday, I returned to Vancouver. I was welcomed by four members of
my way-too-big family and we had a huge dinner with even more family
and friends, that night. I could barely stay up near the end, as I did
not really get any sleep on the plane. At the time, I thought I might
as well watch the two movies they showed on the 8.5 hour flight from
Today, I woke up at 3pm. All of my clocks that are still set to Japan
time say 3pm, tomorrow. Ironic. Things have changed, but not so much
that I’m blown away or anything. My poor computer that I left in the
hands of my family needs some serious TLC. I will do that tomorrow,
I haven’t had the chance to get in touch with friends, yet…. they’re
busy; unlike me. Let me see, I have no job, school, or plans of any
sort until September – when I start school once again. Yikes. Could I
actually get bored? This is entirely likely. I need to establish some
independent goals. I have one in mind: make a simple computer game.
Once I have something made (anything!), I can use it as a reference.
Hopefully, for my next Co-Op position, I can get into a company that
makes games….
I think I should switch my clocks to Vancouver time, now….

slightly belated

I finally put the Okinawa pictures up online! This is the only
“gallery” I’ve ever uploaded since coming to Japan, but it should be a
browse. Check it out, here:

some cool underwater pictures! This is, of course, the
highlight.  I used a gallery-generator called “album,” and I
thought I had finally decided on it.  But just after
completing my
comments to the Okinawa gallery I generated with it, I discovered this! 
So I’ll probably use that.  I didn’t know Gallery could
generate offline pages…. that’s cool.

Oh, and here’s Vanessa,
at the request of Shirley (in a previous entry). Enjoy! 😉

weekend almost over….

Well, I got back at 8am, this morning. Last night, I went out
for a night in Nagoya. First we went to a really cool izakaya that I’ve
never been to before – Yagya; and it’s right near the station! Shame on
me! I ate some of the best karage I’ve ever had: Thai flavoured and
piled with green onions… holy crap that was good! After that, the
remaining group of us, maybe six people or so, went to do some karaoke
for the rest of the morning. Oh man, good stuff. And because this was
my “going-away” party, I didn’t even have to pay! (I tried many
times)…. Anyways, I had a great time. Thanks, everyone! Gonna miss
lots of new friends I’ve made.
I would have got back earlier, but every train I got in, I fell asleep
on. So I missed my transfer at Kasamatsu and went all the way to Gifu.
I really didn’t care, that just gave me more time to sleep on trains.
When I finally got to Shin Hashima, I was extremely disorientated after
being waken up by the conductor. ^_^ Since returning, I’ve slept about
two hours on my floor… right beside my bed.
Tonight, I have to meet a coworker and his family for dinner. I leave
the dormitory tomorrow evening. That means I have quite a bit of
packing to do. >.< I'm gonna miss Japan.