killing time

I’ve really been enjoying my time of nothingness. Really, I
have. It’s
so welcome. I should try actually doing something, though. Anyways,
today, I killed some time browsing lj communities and such; I’ve never
really done that before. I can’t remember exactly how I found them, but
I found some that are practically exhibitionist communities. yes, I
joined them – who knows when I’ll be bored next? Maybe I’ll even
whip out the digi-cam and try some artsy self-portraits… – don’t
worry, I highly
doubt it.  eheh

And, on a related note, I can’t believe how many communities follow
this simple formula:
1) Look at me!
2) You’re pretty.
3) Thank you.

Nothing really wrong w/that, I guess….  always good to have
an ego-boost.

Anyways, I found one group in particular that is fucking

right.  It’s for people to talk about why a ninja is better
than a pirate, or vice versa; it’s a pretty tough call. 
definitely have a unique fashion sense, and they’re allowed to drink
and have fun.  But ninjas… c’mon… they’re
NINJAS!  True,
ninjas probably only eat enough to give them sufficient energy to hang
their 30kg frames from ceilings using their thumbs – and even then,
it’s probably beans and tofu type substances – and not starve. BUT if
you take it literally, “Ninja VS Pirate,” the pirate’s fucking dead
before he gets his hand on his cutlass.

“But pirates have guns!” you say….


Pirate: “Oh shit!  A
ninja come to kill me!” 
Pirate reaches for single-shot

Ninja: smoke bomb.  blow dart to the neck.  Ninjas
don’t miss.
Pirate: Dead on ground with gun
still in his pants.

Ninja: Gone.

And now, GeekyStuff…
I gave up trying Gentoo on a 166 w/32 MB of RAM.  I had it
installed from the liveCD, but when I did the following:
emerge -u portage

It commenced on a never-ending-page-swapping horror story. 
a couple days of it stuck on the same place in a configure script, I
just rebooted it.  But there was something wrong with the hard
drive, and linux wouldn’t fully boot.  Maybe I coulda fixed
maybe not.  I just thought I’d give Debian a try,
instead.  I
think it’s more suited to the hardware.  So I’m currently
installing Debian.  At least I won’t have to compile
everything…. ^^

Oh yeah, I finally bought a gamecube.  Got one at the
pawn-shop for $80 CDN.  I’ve borrowed six games off my
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Zelda: Wind Waker, Resident Evil, Metroid
Prime, Burnout, Tony Hawk 4

I haven’t played all of them, yet, but I know they’re good

I must buy Smash
….. the greatest game on earth.

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