Weekend Update with ….

Friday: went to an izakaya with ,, Alex, and a coworker. drank many “ichigo pine” drinks – (strawberry pineapple, unanimously agreed upon as the number one drink. period. I claim discovery credit.) We had sardines! It was almost exactly how it sounds: a heated can of sardines with the lid peeled off, lemon and spice… Continue reading Weekend Update with ….


I am in a very good mood, right now. I had a good time tonight. I went out for dinner and to the cinema with a Japanese friend. We had Chinese food and saw Lord of the Rings. That movie is awesome. I’ve read the books (didn’t quite finish the last one), and there are… Continue reading movies

some stuff from werky…

While searching for videos on the net, I (finally) came across a good online resource for video: Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for, but I did happen to watch a cool video on “media blocks,” a form of “tangible” UI that was researched at MIT (1999). It’s an interesting watch. Actually,… Continue reading some stuff from werky…

almost genki

I’m at work, right now. I’m suppose to go home at 5:15 (well, not REALLY), but I’m waiting for something to download and install on my linux box. *sigh* Whoo! It’s done! Funny, at the dormitory, my computer is probably also downloading and installing things. Before I left for work, it was downloading the new… Continue reading almost genki


I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning – more so than usual. I have a runny-stuffy nose… throat’s starting to hurt… amazing. I’m getting a cold.. this sux. First cold in Japan… I’m not supposed to get sick. I eat a healthy diet of popcorn, chocolate, various other DELICIOUS snacks, usually complemented… Continue reading sickly


It’s late, and I need at least one entry for my shiny new journal. mmm… shiny.