weekend almost over….

Well, I got back at 8am, this morning. Last night, I went out
for a night in Nagoya. First we went to a really cool izakaya that I’ve
never been to before – Yagya; and it’s right near the station! Shame on
me! I ate some of the best karage I’ve ever had: Thai flavoured and
piled with green onions… holy crap that was good! After that, the
remaining group of us, maybe six people or so, went to do some karaoke
for the rest of the morning. Oh man, good stuff. And because this was
my “going-away” party, I didn’t even have to pay! (I tried many
times)…. Anyways, I had a great time. Thanks, everyone! Gonna miss
lots of new friends I’ve made.
I would have got back earlier, but every train I got in, I fell asleep
on. So I missed my transfer at Kasamatsu and went all the way to Gifu.
I really didn’t care, that just gave me more time to sleep on trains.
When I finally got to Shin Hashima, I was extremely disorientated after
being waken up by the conductor. ^_^ Since returning, I’ve slept about
two hours on my floor… right beside my bed.
Tonight, I have to meet a coworker and his family for dinner. I leave
the dormitory tomorrow evening. That means I have quite a bit of
packing to do. >.< I'm gonna miss Japan.

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