Back in the saddle…

…or is it, out of the saddle and sleeping in the ditch?
Yesterday, I returned to Vancouver. I was welcomed by four members of
my way-too-big family and we had a huge dinner with even more family
and friends, that night. I could barely stay up near the end, as I did
not really get any sleep on the plane. At the time, I thought I might
as well watch the two movies they showed on the 8.5 hour flight from
Today, I woke up at 3pm. All of my clocks that are still set to Japan
time say 3pm, tomorrow. Ironic. Things have changed, but not so much
that I’m blown away or anything. My poor computer that I left in the
hands of my family needs some serious TLC. I will do that tomorrow,
I haven’t had the chance to get in touch with friends, yet…. they’re
busy; unlike me. Let me see, I have no job, school, or plans of any
sort until September – when I start school once again. Yikes. Could I
actually get bored? This is entirely likely. I need to establish some
independent goals. I have one in mind: make a simple computer game.
Once I have something made (anything!), I can use it as a reference.
Hopefully, for my next Co-Op position, I can get into a company that
makes games….
I think I should switch my clocks to Vancouver time, now….

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