Someone stole my shirt!

Oh my god…. today was going so well… until…

So I woke up earlier than usual, biked
to the gym and had a good workout w/my oldest stister. Then I went to
the pool for a nice, relaxing swim. My shirt, however, was soaked with
sweat from the workout. I decided I’d run it under the shower and hang
it up on some hooks to dry off somewhat when I’m done in the pool. I
have my swim, and it was also nice; mixed in with a bit of hot tub and
sauna to relax the muscles. I finish in the pool, and my shirt’s gone!
WTF! Who the hell takes a soaking wet shirt?!
AAAaargh… so pissed off. That was one of my favourite UNIQLO shirts I
brought back from Japan! >.< Biked home w/no shirt.

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