It is done

Today was the last day of my internship. …Holy shit! Today is also my dad’s bday! Okay, I write him an email next. I can’t believe I’m actually done. I’m so glad I don’t have to look at that transcoder and guess at problems, anymore. *phew* But, I am kind of sad to leave. Recently,… Continue reading It is done

mp3 latex girlies

Haha! You wouldn’t expect me to have erotic pictures on my work computer (or maybe you would, I don’t know)… but I do! “vanessa.jpg” is a picture of a voluptuous woman in a latex suit and an intriguing position. =) It was on one of my MP3 CDs… I had this idea, at one point,… Continue reading mp3 latex girlies

plans and rain

I was suppose to go to Universal Studios Japan, today… but… the rain. Then I was suppose to go to Nagoya today… but… I didn’t really want to.. not in the rain. … So, I did end up biking in the rain, anyways: I went to get some groceries. Since I only have 2 weeks… Continue reading plans and rain


Every year, I eagerly await coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo where the latest video game developments are showcased. Today, my work network has been down, but I can still connect on the wireless ADSL; so I’ve been sneaking peeks at E3 news. I’m a Nintendo fan at heart, so I naturally drift toward Nintendo… Continue reading E3

The Jony Difference

Most of the Sanyo crew in Gifu have deserted. Just me and Shirley left. It’s getting lonely. During John’s last days, he stayed in my room. When he left, I ended up with his chair and extra futon (amongst other things). Jony knew what comfort was, and how important it is; I, however, do not.… Continue reading The Jony Difference

I’m back.

Actually, I’ve been back for a few days. I was away for about 10. Where? Okinawa Why? Diving With? Myself I will maybe have some impressions here later (it was awesome), but I will for sure provide a link to a gallery. I’m looking at various options on “Album” at the moment, to create the… Continue reading I’m back.


Why is it that I always injure myself? I played basketball last night, and I was probably playing a little too aggressively for my less-than-adequate shoes. I ended up with two golf-ball sized blisters; one on each foot. They’re obviously already broken, so I have this big flap of skin hanging off my feet, exposing… Continue reading Tired