i got box!

No, the other kind, unfortunately. :'(

The box I shipped to myself from Japan just arrived yesterday. It was
amazingly undamaged. I had some winter clothes, shoes, books and other
boring stuff in there. But I also had my underwater housing for my IXY
camera and the gifts I got from my department. My department gave me a
nice ceramic lamp for my birthday and a Japanese curtain (‘noren’) for
my going-away party – so I guess they don’t hate me… but I’ll never
KNOW! < -- that bothers me.

Oh, and my coworker brought me back this freaky Thai statuette from his
business trip to Thailand (cuz I helped w/the English in his
presentation). When it’s not giving me nightmares, it’s pretty cool.

Today, I read and played video games. Ah, the good life. I finished The
Wheel Of Time Book 2, today. Sweet, only 9 more to go. …. ~ugh~


I was looking for a minimal web browser to run on that computer I’ve
been setting up. “Dillo” is cool, and it’s super lightweight (thus
running easily), but guess what one of the main uses for this computer
will be? Hotmail. *shudder* Okay, so I had to find something that could
do more complicated websites and not require any more than 32MB of RAM.
Minimo looks interesting, but is at version 0.1. I chose Opera. Plus,
it supports mouse gestures, which I love.

Another note with that computer: Debian package management. I’ve pretty
much figured out apt-get, but a higher-level program
is recommended for package management: dselect. I’ve
never been more confused by something that should not be confusing, at
all! After not being able to figure out why it would not install the
packages I had selected (I tried maybe 5 times), I gave up and
apt-got them with no problems. Huh? I thought they
were suppose to do the same thing?

I read somewhere that dselect is the preferred method and just
Uh huh.
The first two bugs listed on the dselect man page:

1) The dselect package selection interface is confusing to some new
users. Reportedly, it even makes seasoned kernel developers cry.

2) The documentation is lacking.


Steve needs box!

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