New Theme

I finally updated the theme on my blog. Please take a look and try various things (in different browsers, if possible) and report any bugs in the comments section. Suggestions welcome, as well. Demands can go elsewhere… (you know who you are!) 🙂 This theme isn’t 100% done, but it’s functional and I wanted to… Continue reading New Theme

2D Game Art and the Virtual Console

HD Pixel Art I’m a bit of a game art aficionado. Actually, I’m an admirer of many things related to games (shock), but right now I’m going to talk a little about art specifically. Concept art: awesome. 2D art: awesome. Animated pixel art: awesome. And now HD pixel art? Well, Capcom is redoing their infamous… Continue reading 2D Game Art and the Virtual Console

Providing a Service

On my last post, my friend, Jesse, commented on how he had a dilemma while designing a website for a client. His problem was that his client is not technically oriented. What clients are? That’s why they’re clients. 🙂 Anyway, since he liked my recent graphic efforts so much, I decided to illustrate the simplest… Continue reading Providing a Service

Almost 2, going on 4

Technical diagram of technicalness I renewed my domain name for another two years. For some reason, I felt inclined to make this: Some random links Peek at next gen Linux desktop Jack Bauer Facts Chuck Norris Facts

hello blog

To say I’ve been lazy recently may not be entirely correct. I have, however, put off doing lots of things; blogging is one of them. So I’ve got a bit to catch up on. I’m gonna try and make it fairly brief, as I want to go to sleep soon. back in north van First… Continue reading hello blog


Got my tablet sorta-working in Linux. A quick sketch, over a photo. I also finally got hugin installed on Gentoo! Hello wonderful world of panoramas! (Note: each ~2MB) To create this panorama, I used 5 photos I had taken when I was at Granville Island, a long time ago, followed this tutorial, and used the… Continue reading Finally…


Made another Gaim Guifications theme! 😀 I like this one better my previous one. Get the file: [tar.gz | zip] Installation Just extract the archive downloaded above to the Guifications Themes directory: Linux: ~/.gaim/guifications/themes/ Windows: C:\Program Files\Gaim\pixmaps\gaim\guifications\themes\ Then, in Gaim’s Preferences dialogue, go to Gaim->Plugins->Guifications->Themes and tick the Loaded check box in to enable theme.… Continue reading iZM_Blue_2