Providing a Service

On my last post, my friend, Jesse, commented on how he had a dilemma while designing a website for a client. His problem was that his client is not technically oriented. What clients are? That’s why they’re clients. 🙂 Anyway, since he liked my recent graphic efforts so much, I decided to illustrate the simplest solution to his problem in another diagram. Enjoy.

I tried to create it so that Jesse could relate to it. It works best if you picture it taking place on some seedy street. And you picture the person on the right being named “Jesse.” Not sure why that helps, but it does. And the burly mustache man on the left (he’s burly, trust me)… well, he breathes heavily. More like grunting, really.


  1. These diagrams are great Steve. Always gives me a chuckle, silent or not (silent only cuz it was late and I didnt want to make any sound).

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