1. after that .gif abomination that took you several hours last night, and now this… diagram? I think I’m not alone in demanding you revoke all image manipulation software from your harddrives.

    after my harsh words you may not be inclined to assist myself in any matters from this point on. However, I shall inquire regardless, say you’re making a website for someone, or someones. They will require a domain that will require ‘magical operations’. Now these someones are essentially internet retarded. Think ‘creationists’. Also I highly doubt they’d trust me with credit card/bank information, and I myself do not want this responsibility. How should I even begin to explain to them how to get some hosting and a domain. Your diagram will not help.

    Furthering this dillema, they will also be requiring a Paypal account down the road. This is where I gonna be baffled as I will set up the site to… i guess support paypal for them. That part should be easy enough, it’s just… making them… un-retarded enough to be aware of what they have to do on their end when… an order is made. For this I’ve no idea, never being on the ‘received an order’ side of things.

    Yeah… so something to chew on.

    Also, Aug 7-21st, boozeschool… I wanna be able to mean a mean Mojito by the end of summer.


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