New Theme Update

I’ve removed a lot of the noise from the theme. This includes all of the gradients and many of those nasty, sharp lines. Put Categories and Time at the top of each post, with Tags and Comments at the bottom. Made both smaller. Put everything on search results page. Added links to Technorati and from Tags and Categories pages. Changed the gradient images for header and footer (reminds me of rust).

Screenshots of some of the changes:

Original and loud:
Original and loud

Removed gradients:
Removed gradients

Added solids:
Added solids

Changed colours:
Changed colours

Some more touch-ups:
some more touchups

What you should be seeing now:
what you should be seeing now

Comments / suggestions?


  1. Shirley: Yeah, the tag_cloud widget in WP is really annoying. It doesn’t wrap the list in anything, it just barfs out all the tags as flat text. Every other widget has the H2 element followed by either a new list or a DIV. The cloud widget has the H2 element immediately followed by a bunch of links. :-/ I’ll fix it, but I have to break consistency in the CSS and that bothers me.. so I had to complain a little.

    Jon: I tried removin all the gradients, but it was just too boring. I might disable them when I get bored of them, but I’m liking them for now. 🙂 Or when I make some actual graphics… harder to design when the width is fluid, though. And I have no ideas. Turtle? 😛

    Jesse: ….Less grey in this gradient?

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