Watching and Reading

(Online) Comics I’ve been reading Butternut Squash – Start at the beginning. Polished style. Crude humour. Hilarious. (Thanks for pointing this out, Jon!) Kukuburi – Start at the beginning. Elaborate style. Adventure. Bit of a slow start. Actually the plot’s still unravelling, but the art is pretty and the story is getting interesting. (By the… Continue reading Watching and Reading


I signed up for Twitter. If you ever wanted to know what I had for breakfast, now you can! Yay. I also updated my blog’s sidebar with custom widgets; something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I broke up the standard “Meta” widget into a Subscribe and an Admin/Login widget, and shoved the… Continue reading Tweet

I hate hardware problems

I think my laptop has officially died. I knew the hard drive was going, and it finally went. Knowing that day was nearing, I didn’t have any important information on it, so that’s ok. Anyway, I bought a new 2.5″ hd to replace it… but it doesn’t always work. I know, that sounds strange, but… Continue reading I hate hardware problems

short term past/present/future

Gatherings Had a nice get-together with the gifu-crew, on Sunday. Chinese-Taiwanese-Japanese fusion hot-pot shabu shabu. 😮 The pot was courtesy of Shirley (thanks!), despite her not being able to make it. Unfortunately, I don’t think there were are any pictures captured in the digital medium to show. But it was good times! Ubuntu Feisty My… Continue reading short term past/present/future

Wares, they cometh

Some very cool stuff in the wonderful world of software(tm): Flash 9 beta for Linux (finally!) OMG OMG OMG – so much better.  faster.  no (or way fewer) sound issues.  GTK standalone player available, as well.  Now I don’t have to cringe when I receive a link to “that really cool flash site.” Gaim 2.0… Continue reading Wares, they cometh

Wife-beating-turtle video

FAZED – Videos Jesse linked me to this. Hilarious. I think I’d be willing to pay a small sum for someone to digitally enhance it and add a white wifebeater to the horny turtle. That would just be awesome. Posted as a test of flock. Pretty cool. Seems fast too. Almost motivation enough to get… Continue reading Wife-beating-turtle video

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Almost 2, going on 4

Technical diagram of technicalness I renewed my domain name for another two years. For some reason, I felt inclined to make this: Some random links Peek at next gen Linux desktop Jack Bauer Facts Chuck Norris Facts