Wife-beating-turtle video

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Jesse linked me to this. Hilarious. I think I’d be willing to pay a small sum for someone to digitally enhance it and add a white wifebeater to the horny turtle. That would just be awesome.

Posted as a test of flock. Pretty cool. Seems fast too. Almost motivation enough to get a flickr account for the photo uploading-blogging-easiness. Still not gonna switch from Firefox, though.

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2 Comments on “Wife-beating-turtle video”

  1. Shyaarii Says:

    Did you change the math question?
    Flock always makes me mad. After you click on this and that, things stop showing and hiding properly.

  2. Steve Says:

    Yah. I changed the intensely grueling math question. Started to get more comment spam again. Unfortunately, I don’t think changing it did much. The spamming software must be evaluating the label…. or just starting from 1 and counting up until something works. Might have to make it non-numerical.

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