Wife-beating-turtle video

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Jesse linked me to this. Hilarious. I think I’d be willing to pay a small sum for someone to digitally enhance it and add a white wifebeater to the horny turtle. That would just be awesome.

Posted as a test of flock. Pretty cool. Seems fast too. Almost motivation enough to get a flickr account for the photo uploading-blogging-easiness. Still not gonna switch from Firefox, though.


  1. Did you change the math question?
    Flock always makes me mad. After you click on this and that, things stop showing and hiding properly.

  2. Yah. I changed the intensely grueling math question. Started to get more comment spam again. Unfortunately, I don’t think changing it did much. The spamming software must be evaluating the label…. or just starting from 1 and counting up until something works. Might have to make it non-numerical.

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