Wares, they cometh

Some very cool stuff in the wonderful world of software(tm):

  • Flash 9 beta for Linux (finally!)
    OMG OMG OMG – so much better.  faster.  no (or way fewer) sound issues.  GTK standalone player available, as well.  Now I don’t have to cringe when I receive a link to “that really cool flash site.”
  • Gaim 2.0 beta 4 multi-protocol IM client (cross-platform)
    Vast improvements.  File transfers on MSN still teh suck, tho.  And, of course, it doesn’t support the anything complicated.  Now I will use aMSN for complicated features, and Gaim for minimal chattiness.  Like when I’m supposed to be doing homework.  ….  Like now.  🙁
  • Songbird 0.2 webby music player/manager (cross-platform)
    If you’re still of the 1) Find music file in filesystem 2) double click to play in audio player mindset, please come to the current generation.  You need a library manager.  You do.  This is based on Firefox XUL and it’s pretty slick.  It’s even quite snappy!  It browses the web, collects media files from web pages…. oh just click the link and watch a video about it.

Note: Posted in Deepest Sender. Which seems to prefer ‘BR’ tags over ‘P’ tags.  Eewww….


  1. You can’t be serious. Have you really tried Songbird? It got so much hype when it first came out, but it sucks so bad as a multimedia player/manager. It is one of those…”we make it because we can” apps.

  2. Yeah, I’m serious. I only tried it out for a few minutes but I was pretty impressed by it. It couldn’t replace my current manager (Rhythmbox) but it’s only version 0.2. I guess largely because it has some (quite a few) UI bugs and you can’t save changes to a song’s tags to the actual file (yet). Oh and it doesn’t display song title information for streams and stuff…. and some misc bugs…. but it’s 0.2. What’s so bad about it? Aside from it not being iTunes….

  3. I am not sure why you have to add the iTunes comment in the end, because I am one of those people who did not like the version 7 update.

    Songbird isn’t that new (I remember testing it long time ago). People still get excited when they put out new versions, mostly because they see “Mozilla XUL”. It is a brand name effect.

    iTunes is too heavy, but the Mozilla UI is one of the reasons why Firefox is so bloated. Why use it for a music manager alternative?

    Same applies to the Linux boot disk (I forgot the name) that is 100% based on XUL. Slow and yet another “because we can” thingie.

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