2008 In Review

Life This year has been pretty big. Naturally following up with lots of events from last year, these are some quick memories. My nephew, Rayden, was born on Feb 12th, six weeks early! This caused the father (my brother) to be indisposed for my dad’s (2nd) marriage on Feb 14th. I got bumped up to… Continue reading 2008 In Review

New Shoes x 3

I got some good deals on new shoes. I’m not one to go shopping, but I happened to be in a shoe store (Shoe Warehouse in downtown Vancouver) and decided to walk over to the clearance section. Buying 3 pairs of shoes at once is NOT normal for me. But… I needed to replace both… Continue reading New Shoes x 3

Open Web Vancouver 2008

I’m going. If you see me there, please say ‘hi’ and offer me a job. 😉 (Preferably, one that requires a brain.) I look like this (when playing video poker in Vegas): Oh! It was a hard choice, but I purchased a pyrate shirt. Yeah. 🙂


This year is supposedly going to be the coldest we’ve had in 15 years! I guess that’s good news for the mountains! Yesterday we had a bit of snow. I took my sister’s dog for a walk while trying to take evening pictures. Today, I woke up bright and early at 7am, and we had… Continue reading Snow!

holy crap, I have a blog!

Ah right. Forgot about this. Okay fine, I knowingly neglected it. Not completely, though… I had a partially written post from a few months ago, but it never made the transition from Tomboy to WP. Things to report: First thing’s first. January has come and gone (along with a few other months…): me.age++; I got… Continue reading holy crap, I have a blog!