New Shoes x 3

I got some good deals on new shoes. I’m not one to go shopping, but I happened to be in a shoe store (Shoe Warehouse in downtown Vancouver) and decided to walk over to the clearance section. Buying 3 pairs of shoes at once is NOT normal for me. But… I needed to replace both my casual and running shoes. I got the dress shoes because… well, I really wasn’t given a choice at that price. Saving money makes me happy. 😀

Regular Price and Sale Price are highlighted
Regular Price and Sale Price are highlighted

Photo of the shoes, as requested, minus the nudity. Be thankful.


  1. And I can’t believe I’m commenting on it!

    I don’t know Saucony (hm… sounds familiar), but both Rockport and Adidas should be pretty good!

    You should explain yourself about the “I happened to be in a shoe store”…

  2. @Alex: I happened to be in a shoe store.

    @popeko: careful what you ask for…

    @kurtis: yup. The Conservatives did that in their last minority government. Now they have a new (larger) one, if you missed that, as well.

  3. followed it, but didn’t vote this time around… too much of a hassle to do so from over here.

    i like the casual shoes.

    ugh… i think i breathed into too much lime!

  4. I see. Upon second reading, I realized that there’s pretty much only 1 reason why “I” would “happen to be in a shoe store” too. Except I “happen to be there” more often than I’d like, and most of the time I walk out without purchasing anything…

    Nice shoes.

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