Japan Disaster

As you no doubt already know, Japan has been devastated by a monstrous natural disaster. On Thursday March 11th, at 2:46pm, Japan experienced a massive magnitude 9.0 earthquake originating just a few hundred kilometers north-east of Tokyo. The quake caused a giant tsunami which actually caused much more damage than the original earthquake. I’ve been… Continue reading Japan Disaster

holy crap, I have a blog!

Ah right. Forgot about this. Okay fine, I knowingly neglected it. Not completely, though… I had a partially written post from a few months ago, but it never made the transition from Tomboy to WP. Things to report: First thing’s first. January has come and gone (along with a few other months…): me.age++; I got… Continue reading holy crap, I have a blog!

Japan Nostalgia

If I said I’ve been busy, would you believe me? Well, I suppose that’s a flat-out lie, but I have been occupied. Been shopping around for a domain name and web hosting, recently. The whole process takes a while, so we’ll see how that goes…. I’ve been organizing my photos, too. Yes, again. This takes… Continue reading Japan Nostalgia

Back in the saddle…

…or is it, out of the saddle and sleeping in the ditch? Yesterday, I returned to Vancouver. I was welcomed by four members of my way-too-big family and we had a huge dinner with even more family and friends, that night. I could barely stay up near the end, as I did not really get… Continue reading Back in the saddle…

slightly belated

I finally put the Okinawa pictures up online! This is the only real “gallery” I’ve ever uploaded since coming to Japan, but it should be a good browse. Check it out, here: http://izmweb.sytes.net/izm/album/ There’s some cool underwater pictures! This is, of course, the highlight.  I used a gallery-generator called “album,” and I thought I had… Continue reading slightly belated

weekend almost over….

Well, I got back at 8am, this morning. Last night, I went out for a night in Nagoya. First we went to a really cool izakaya that I’ve never been to before – Yagya; and it’s right near the station! Shame on me! I ate some of the best karage I’ve ever had: Thai flavoured… Continue reading weekend almost over….

It is done

Today was the last day of my internship. …Holy shit! Today is also my dad’s bday! Okay, I write him an email next. I can’t believe I’m actually done. I’m so glad I don’t have to look at that transcoder and guess at problems, anymore. *phew* But, I am kind of sad to leave. Recently,… Continue reading It is done

mp3 latex girlies

Haha! You wouldn’t expect me to have erotic pictures on my work computer (or maybe you would, I don’t know)… but I do! “vanessa.jpg” is a picture of a voluptuous woman in a latex suit and an intriguing position. =) It was on one of my MP3 CDs… I had this idea, at one point,… Continue reading mp3 latex girlies

plans and rain

I was suppose to go to Universal Studios Japan, today… but… the rain. Then I was suppose to go to Nagoya today… but… I didn’t really want to.. not in the rain. … So, I did end up biking in the rain, anyways: I went to get some groceries. Since I only have 2 weeks… Continue reading plans and rain