It is done

Today was the last day of my internship. …Holy shit! Today is
also my dad’s bday! Okay, I write him an email next.
I can’t believe I’m actually done. I’m so glad I don’t have to look at
that transcoder and guess at problems, anymore. *phew* But, I am kind
of sad to leave. Recently, I had been having much better (as in some,
rather than none) communication with my coworkers, so it’s been more
enjoyable. My coworker told me tonight, “At first, one year seems like
a long time. But when it is over, it seems so short.”
Maybe they should have talked to me the first 8 months…
Last night, I held my self-created/promoted going-away party. It was
pretty sweet! A way bigger turnout than I thought it would initially
be… Maybe 13 people in total, crammed into a back room of a local
yakitori restaurant. I drank so much, I think I was still drunk when I
stumbled to work 45 minutes late, this morning.
I also met the new interns today. They seem quite quiet, but I suppose
I am not so outspoken, myself…. nor am I currently suffering from
jet-lag. We all went out, with my coworker, for dinner. They were
falling asleep at the end.
I’m tired myself. I have a crazy-busy weekend ahead of me… but it
should be fun.

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