mp3 latex girlies

Haha! You wouldn’t expect me to have erotic pictures on my work
computer (or maybe you would, I don’t know)… but I do! “vanessa.jpg”
is a picture of a voluptuous woman in a latex suit and an intriguing
position. =)
It was on one of my MP3 CDs… I had this idea, at one point, that
instead of naming MP3 CDs like MP3 21, MP3 22, etc, I would name them
after latex vixens, and include the image file. Like “Vanessa MP3”.
As it turns out, this was a much better naming scheme. I can relate the
name to the picture and remember the groups on the cd much better than
a number. Unfortunately, I never continued – mostly because I started
too late. But if I ever re-organize my collection (yeah, right), it
will gain this personality.

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