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2007 in Brief

Despite no grand plans of getting pleasantly inebriated tonight, 2007 was actually a very eventful year. I finally finished up my undergrad in May; something that was long overdue. After, I enjoyed some free time in Vancouver’s fantastic summer (and then Fall), and I just recently started making a much needed dollar. (I got Jesse to thank for hooking me up with that.) My big brother and his girlfriend of six(?) years announced their engagement AND that they were expecting a little one. My dad announced his (2nd) engagement. My cousins are expecting their first and second kids. One of my best friends, Kurtis (who I’ve known since forever), moved to Brazil and got married! Alex married Dez. Ben and Mayu had a baby (whom I’ve still yet to meet).

But one person in particular made this year very memorable for me: you know who you are. 🙂 Thank you.

And to all my friends and family, Thank you! And Happy New Year!


2008 will be interesting, I’m sure. ??????

Update: I went to the local watering hole for a drink and some chat with our homestay student, who also had no plans. We even got champagne! 🙂

Huge Piece of Crap

At my current job, my computer is a laptop which sits in a docking station is connected to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. If I wanted, I could take the laptop home with me. That would be great, but I have no desire to use this PC outside of work for a few reasons:

  1. It runs Windows.
  2. The image of Windows has been specially set up to be incredibly handicapped. An example of this I find most annoying: disabling the location bar in Explorer. WTF. It doesn’t even give a correct message… it gives a misleading and completely incorrect message! If I click the location bar in Windows Explorer and type in M: and push Enter, I get a dialog saying Access to the resource M: has being disabled. Huh? That’s total BS. I can click my way there…. I can’t even select history items, places I’ve clearly been to. This is the laziest blanket administration technique I’ve ever seen.
  3. I do not even have basic administrator privileges. To install something (anything) I would have to submit a request to the IT support department and wait for them to come over from a different building to click a couple buttons. I have doubts it could be done remotely… or with any haste.

Granted, my position has nothing to do with programming, and some users probably should be protected from themselves… but seriously, Thank you, IT department, for making my modern laptop nearly useless and actually getting in the way of me getting work done. Also, Lotus Notes is a terrible terrible experience, but Windows + Lotus Notes seems to be the standard virus infecting most large organizations.

I particularly enjoyed this bit from the latest LugRadio (they’ve changed their licence):

LR: “… having re-implemented it [the Windows API], you’ve got an idea of how the thing kind of works internally maybe, do you think Microsoft did a good job designing Windows?”
Wine Guy: “Oh no. Definitely not.”
Alexandre Juillard: No no, it’s a huge piece of crap and we find more crap every day.
*more laughs*
LR: Congratulations on having spent 15 years reimplementing it!
AJ: (laughing) That’s the beauty of it! We try to make something nice out of a piece of crap. That’s all the challenge.

Huge Piece of Crap - 30 sec audio clip of above conversation

(Audio clips are in OGG Vorbis format. I tried using Jokosher for audio editing – looks promising, but still young and lots of bugs.)

Happy Holidays 2007

christmas tree

Turkey dinner

I had a good Christmas. 🙂 Hung out with family (and a couple students), ate copious amounts of turkey and sweets, and drank a pleasant variety of cocktails. I got a few interesting gifts, including: a larger tripod (used when taking the photo of the tree, above), Holey Soles (wearing and loving them now), and a Wii Zapper (with Link’s Crossbow Training). All of these things were on my wishlist. Turkey dinner #2 is coming up tonight… but I’m still full from last night. I think my new year’s resolution will be to lose the weight I will have gained in the last week of 2007. 😛

To all my friends and family around the world, Happy Holidays! 🙂

Brad Sucks

But actually, he really, really doesn’t.

I’ve been using the alarm clock plugin for Rhythmbox to wake up, recently. But I had it set to play on my “Added Today” automatic playlist…. Can you guess the problem with that? … By the time I was supposed to get up, my playlist was empty! Doh! >.<

Something Terrible

If you heard someone crying in Deep Cove last night, it was probably me as I formatted my Gamecube memory card. I had got one of those official Nintendo 64MB (the biggest official size) memory cards with the idea that I would never need to get another. When Eric, our current Korean student, was playing Resident Evil 4 and went to save it, a bunch of files said that they were corrupt. That was the first sign. I checked it through the wii menu and it said the card had to be formatted. Faaaan-taaas-tic. I gave in and did it. No sense having a corrupt memory card. All my save files… all those games… RE4, I hadn’t fully enjoyed the rewards from finishing the game, even. Anyway, it was done. Then just now, my sister tried to load her Eternal Darkness game which she had saved since-this-incident, but it said it was corrupt. I guess the memory card has completely died. I’ve never had this happen on my N64… and now I don’t have a Gamecube memory card!! Should I get a new one, real cheap? Still plenty of use for one, I guess…. Man, this sucks. Nintendo wants wifi-integration? They should host backups of users’ game-save files.

Rhythmbox Jump-to-playing Plugin

This plugin will display the View : Jump to Playing Song link as a button in the toolbar and as link in the Browser’s context menu. This is about as simple as a plugin could be (which is partly why I wrote it), but I’ve actually found it quite useful. Maybe you will too.



jump-to-playing-0.1.tar.gz (Update: Newer version is available.)


  1. Extract the jump-to-playing folder into your ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/ directory.
  2. (Re)Start Rhythmbox and enable the plugin in Edit : Plugins.


  • Add Configure dialog with checkboxes for toolbar and browser context menu, defaulting to toolbar only (both is a little redundant). Currently, both are added automatically.
    [x] Add button to toolbar
    [_]Add link to browser context menu
  • Force “Properties” to bottom of browser context menu (may depend on placeholder being added to the context menu)
  • Hide toolbar button in Small Display mode.

There’s an arsonist in my library and it’s me

While tinkering with RB svn (11.3), I thought it not necessary to make a backup of my music library. I can see you already shaking your head. Anyway, filed a bug yesterday, and it’s already been resolved. As for my music library, I happened to have an automatically created backup from when I opened the db (it’s just XML) in emacs! To think I was going to disable that feature….

~/.gnome2/rhythmbox$ ls -lht rhythmdb.xml*
-rw-r--r-- 1 steve steve 4.0M 2007-12-02 14:52 rhythmdb.xml
-rw-r--r-- 1 steve steve 6.1M 2007-03-10 04:11 rhythmdb.xml~

I only lost 9 months of library changes…… A grand total of 165 songs?! 😮 Something’s wrong there…. My ratings! >.< Could have been worse, I suppose. Lesson learned (hopefully, for the last time). Always make backups! 😀


This year is supposedly going to be the coldest we’ve had in 15 years! I guess that’s good news for the mountains!

Yesterday we had a bit of snow.

view from our living room window

I took my sister’s dog for a walk while trying to take evening pictures.

our house

Looking down our street

my friend Kurtis’ house, complete with lights!

Today, I woke up bright and early at 7am, and we had received more!

Our living room window

Our house, the next morning

Not only is this early for Vancouver to get snow, but we often don’t get any all year! Driving in the snow doesn’t concern me since I don’t drive, so I can just enjoy looking at it. It’s very pretty. 🙂