Brad Sucks

But actually, he really, really doesn’t. I’ve been using the alarm clock plugin for Rhythmbox to wake up, recently. But I had it set to play on my “Added Today” automatic playlist…. Can you guess the problem with that? … By the time I was supposed to get up, my playlist was empty! Doh! >.<

Weird Dream

This post brought to you by #2 Orchestra. Have a listen while you read:   I rarely dream. Or, at least, I rarely remember them. I fell asleep with my music playing. So I had really vivid (and random) music playin in my dream… and I’m sure the shuffle had something to do with what… Continue reading Weird Dream

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Insert catchy web 2.0 social networking buzz-word here…

This post is brought to you by mellow French Folk/Rock. Social networks. Shirley made a post about social networking sites and web2.0. I got one for you: Mugshot. Mugshot allows you wrap a bunch of these sites’ capabilities (facebook, google reader shared items, blogs, amazon,, etc) into one convenient profile. Get your friends to… Continue reading Insert catchy web 2.0 social networking buzz-word here…

More Ubuntu Feisty

Rhythmbox is becoming more awesome The new version of Rhythmbox included in Feisty, version 0.10.0, is very nice! I’m totally impressed with the enhancements since the last version I was using. Jamendo integration: it will download the catalogue of artists and songs on Jamendo, and you can browse or play it just as if it… Continue reading More Ubuntu Feisty