Weird Dream

This post brought to you by #2 Orchestra. Have a listen while you read:


I rarely dream. Or, at least, I rarely remember them.

I fell asleep with my music playing. So I had really vivid (and random) music playin in my dream… and I’m sure the shuffle had something to do with what was happening in my dream. I was staying in some kind of dormitory thing that resembled the SANYO dormitory I stayed at in Japan. Except, this one included a church… o.O At times, I found it uncomfortable to use my computer in my room, so I would go to these hideous multi-purpose rooms that looked like bathrooms (tiles, and kind of stained, but clean) where there was a counter I could use. I brought in chairs… cheap plastic chairs that I recall from elementary and high school…. not sure where I would get them. Anyway, I went to church (I know, I know!) and we were singing. I hear that’s what people do in church. I have lots of church choir and monk chanting music in my classical collection, so this was obviously playing during this time. Then we stopped singing, and the priest whistled, then everybody else whistled… This strange simon-says-like event carried on for a while, followed by some applause.

After leaving the church, I was going to watch a movie on my computer in one of these multi-purpose rooms. The priest was concerned about me, and said he wanted to watch it with me. I’m not sure what the movie was, but it had a ‘3’ in it and I’m pretty sure it was a horror movie or something. I told the priest, “Okay, but I’m sure you won’t like it.” figuring it would probably just validate his concern for me – in his mind. So while I was setting up my laptop, I had this vivid drum and base music playing. Someone else, who is a familiar face from elementary and high school, walked by outside and told me the music was a little too loud. He closed the door, grabbed one of those cheap plastic chairs (from somewhere) and joined us. About here, I woke up with Rebound by Spark from The Robotic Girl Next Door playing on my computer.

What a nightmare! First, I went to church… THEN, a priest followed me into a small tiled, windowless room. o.O Anyway, it was a weird random-play music induced dream, to say the least. If you want weird dreams, hit shuffle on your music library and go to sleep. Leaving the window open for a draft probably helps. Drugs probably help too… though I wasn’t taking any.


  1. It’s been a long, long time since I checked anyone’s blogs. Wow, you’ve been busy!!

    I should keep up with blogs more often…. hopefully more time after the big day.

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