Wares, they cometh

Some very cool stuff in the wonderful world of software(tm): Flash 9 beta for Linux (finally!) OMG OMG OMG – so much better.  faster.  no (or way fewer) sound issues.  GTK standalone player available, as well.  Now I don’t have to cringe when I receive a link to “that really cool flash site.” Gaim 2.0… Continue reading Wares, they cometh

Python Workshop, Pets, and Salmon

Vancouver Python Workshop Had a good (and very geeky) time. Met some cool people (including a local Summer-of-Coder)! Sweet. I was almost always in the “Beginner Track,” as I was completely unfamiliar with the language. Paul Prescod did an excellent job of offering a two-day introduction to the Python language, and Jim O’Leary had a… Continue reading Python Workshop, Pets, and Salmon

Open Source Software (in Vancouver) part 3

OSS Presentation On Wednesday (Aug 2nd), I finally went to UBC Robson Square and did my presentation for VanDev. It went okay, I guess. And I’m certainly relieved it’s over! But I think some people were expecting to learn more about free (and open source) software. If people get what they’re not expecting, they’re likely… Continue reading Open Source Software (in Vancouver) part 3

Open Source Software (OSS) part2

OSS Presentation I blogged previously that I was creating a presentation on OSS. Since then, for various reasons, the direction of the presentation has changed. It has become more focused (a good thing), but I’m still looking for input. The new focus will be on Open Source in Vancouver. (Incidentally, that’s also the title. :P)… Continue reading Open Source Software (OSS) part2

Open Source Software (OSS) part1

So I’ve been doing some research on OSS. I’m trying to prepare a presentation on the topic. Originally, I was planning on doing “Open Source Development” (ridiculously ironic considering the amount of OSS development I do…) but before I get into that, I wanted to be clear on what “Open Source” actually was. I’ve had… Continue reading Open Source Software (OSS) part1