Joining the colony

Well, I’ve been in the corporate working world since Tuesday. I’ve had a number of administrative “issues,” perhaps even more than when I was working in Japan, but they’re much more easily resolved. The first day, I was given massive design documents to look over and get myself acquainted with the overall scope of our project. I managed to scan through the first. The second day, I barely managed to scan through the second. Today, I spent most of the day doing documentation (kinda) for someone else in another group that is running short on time. Ah, the life of an intern. We are the bottom feeders of the office. But that does have the advantage of not as much responsibility (can be good and bad). But I have a pretty good feeling about this internship – I think I’ll learn quite a bit. I’ve already been refreshing my Java knowledge (on my own time)… and it feels good! 😀 But I’m so tired when I get back from work…. 🙁

And this normally wouldn’t bother me, but I’m gonna miss out on stuff at school! There’s an HCI reading group I’d be interested in, and there’s those free CS Buttons! I like free stuff. The button design really isn’t that bad, it’s just not my first choice. It is the best CS design I’ve seen, so far, but I think it could be made a lot better with some small changes. Anyways, I’m curious how it will look on a one-inch button. I expect pictures to be posted!

*cough* Shirley *cough*

Maybe I’ll go to the next vanlug.

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  1. It was today and I didn’t go (not the best time for me).
    If you posted this earlier, I might have gone….

    Anwayz, my friend (the winner) showed me pictures of it last week. He said the colours turns out to be lighter than they should be.

  2. I’ve already been refreshing my Java knowledge (on my own time)… and it feels good!

    –> i laughed reading this. don’t really know why.

  3. I guess designing for buttons is similar to designing for print… it’s a little more tedious, and a lot more care has to be given to colours…

    Just glad to make you smile, John… and laugh… wow, knowing that made my day. I can just picture you doing it. 🙂

  4. *gasp!*
    I’ve even debated starting that… knowing I never would, of course. 🙂 …well, who knows… I’m not terribly interested in Install Fests, but just people sharing knowledge and giving talks.

  5. Let me see if I can comment… (hopefully it has been fixed)

    Last time I included my “mail” info, the comments went straight to hell. Then after I took them out, the comments still continued to head there.

    Anyway, hope your co-op is good. You should blog about it… not about the confidential stuff, but at least the company name, and what they do, etc.

  6. I think that should do it… once I’ve approve an email and you continue to use it, you’re on a whitelist. I’m kinda guessing, but it makes sense, right? 🙂

    I’ll write more details about the job, in time. Haven’t figured out exactly what I’ll be working on, quite yet.

  7. Alright, as a test to see if I still need to be moderated…

    I’ll guess the name. Um… SuperTech? ProTech? MatrixTech? Anyway, you get the idea. Does it have the word “Tech” in it? 😀

  8. wow, would you look at that! I didn’t have to moderate your comment! Gee… maybe you shoulda listened to me ages ago when I first told you to include your email…. 😛

    No, it doesn’t have the word “Tech” in it. It does, however, have the word… “Bank” in it. heheh 🙂

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