Settling in at work

Had an interesting day at work, today. My current task involves using a web interface to rebuild pages for a test environment. This is extremely boring and repetitious work, and it will take a long time to complete. When my supervisor gave me the task, he told me to take my time.

Okay. I will. I’ll spend time to see if it’s feasible to write an agent to replace me. If not, then I’ve learned something in the process. Yay me.

What’s great is I actually wrote the following Java code, today:

public class Intern extends Robot {

Intern steve = new Intern();

In English: Interns are Robots, and my job is going to be done by one called, steve. C’mon, that’s funny! :mrgreen:

Oh yes, I finally got Lotus Notes working (a tech support guy came to my cubicle and set everything up for me), and I must say, I prefer life without Notes. That is an absolutely atrocious piece of software. It’s like running a second OS with an interface that was written by people who simply had no right. Just to give you an idea of its ugliness, URLs in the Mailer actually flash! On the ugly scale of ten, it scores at least an eleven.

However, now that I got Notes set up, I was able to check my email and discover the details of my proxy account! Internet, here I come! Did I mention I had administration issues? ^^

Gnome 2.12 is out. I probably won’t upgrade until after I’ve got my laptop back from getting fixed… which will take a month. *sigh* But, I did download the ClearLooks theme. I had a good custom theme before… I did. But ClearLooks is very very nice. go get it.

Wow. That was a geeky entry. I’ll make up for it with pictures from the fishing trip, soon… maybe.

woops! more geek.

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4 Comments on “Settling in at work”

  1. popa Says:

    less nerd
    more beef

    we have a date with some chicken wings and a pile of hotsauce

    you will not escape

  2. Steve Says:

    yes. yes, I do.

  3. ShyaaRii Says:

    I didn’t get why Outlook is so widely used in corporate environment until I worked in one (not Sanyo). I was utterly surprised by how much one can do with Outlook+Exchange (intranet-wise), and I haven’t seen any email/PIM app+server that does similar things.

    I guess Lotus serves the same purpose. Some girl in our 444 class mentioned you can collaborate schedules with Lotus (and a server, of course).

  4. Steve Says:

    Yah, Notes serves an equivalent purpose. You can collaborate schedules, databases, and whatever you want. A common thing I’ve noticed is to provide a link to some remote resource… like signing up for something. You get an email, click on a link which opens a remote spreadsheet (in Excel), and you add your name to a list, click save and close. It serves a purpose, but the general interface is a nightmare. I’ve heard that the new Lotus isn’t any better.

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