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It’s ironic: I spend days sorting and reducing the number of clothes I’ve accumulated over the years, but then just today I go out and spend $100 dollars – mostly on clothes. It’s not illogical, as I need these clothes for work, but it is ironic… and it makes me a little sad. I hope I don’t have to throw these out any time soon. I have a really hard time discarding things when nothing is really wrong with it… I’m a total pack rat. A cheap pack rat; the worst kind.


Ah, the last day of freedom. Take a deep breath and enjoy it while you still can. Many people will be going back to school tomorrow, and some, myself included, will be going to work. I’ve got a few things to catch up with, blog-wise. Here it goes…

UBC Button Design Results
I didn’t get first place or 2nd. Congratulations to Shirley who tied someone else in 2nd! The winning design is really well done, and it is clever, but it’s not something I would have chosen for a button or a logo. Apparently it was an overwhelming victory for this design. I would expect this design to be chosen by a group of adolescent boys… so I guess it makes sense that the general CS population favoured it. Perhaps I’m a little bitter. Anyways, it’s still better than anything I’ve seen for the CS department, before.

The old site with the 12 designs people had to choose from is gone due to a badly needed (and badly handled, it seems) site upgrade, but here are the 14 I originally submitted:

Hmm.. I’m tired. Looks like all other “updates” will have to wait. Had to write something, tonight, though.


  1. btw, it’s a shame that their thumbnail program doesn’t handle png’s correctly… or that they aren’t passing it the correct parameters. both of my design’s white parts went black! That made one of them nearly completely black, and that’s the one that is being used for the thumbnail for all the designs! 😮 Actually, that’s kinda funny. ::mrgreen::

  2. PNG can be tricky sometimes, there are different kinds…

    The layout of the thumbnails (1 row per page) and the order of the submissions (most-recent-first) are kinda funny.

    They call this a stack in cs.

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