Every year, I eagerly await coverage of the Electronic
Entertainment Expo where the latest video game developments are
showcased. Today, my work network has been down, but I can still
connect on the wireless ADSL; so I’ve been sneaking peeks at E3 news.
I’m a Nintendo fan at heart, so I naturally drift toward Nintendo news.
First thing I read about was the Nintendo DS: Nintendo’s next handheld
system. I had my doubts when I heard it was going to have 2 screens,
but after seeing pictures of the actual device and games running on it,
those are completely gone. This thing is awesome! I had no idea of the
power of it, either! Each screen has a separate processor, and it’s
more powerful than the N64! Holy Crap! One of the screens is touch
sensitive (there is a stylus included), there’s a built-in mic, it
supports blue-tooth for wireless gaming with friends in the same room,
and even supports WiFi! It’s practically a PDA! Awesome. That’s why I
love Nintendo: innovation. I can’t wait for this. This year…..
And then there’s the new Zelda for Gamecube. I do believe I crapped my
pants when I saw this:
Finally. Link is all grown-up, and the atmosphere is dark. Delicious.
I will definitely continue reading E3 stuff when I get home….. Oh,
and manage some photos, maybe. HAH!
…Must …get… Gamecube… (when I return to Canada)

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