The Jony Difference

Most of the Sanyo crew in Gifu have deserted. Just me and
Shirley left. It’s getting lonely. During John’s last days, he stayed
in my room. When he left, I ended up with his chair and extra futon
(amongst other things). Jony knew what comfort was, and how important
it is; I, however, do not. After sitting in the Jony Chair, and
sleeping on a double futon’d bed, there is no way I could go back. Wow.
Thanks, John. šŸ˜‰
My latest timeholes involve syncing (of some form) with my Zaurus and
my Laptop, and looking at “album,” and trying to organize a year’s
worth of photos. Oi. I’ve barely even started packing…. More to come,
(Of course, this LJ will probably disappear when I leave Japan,
anyways. Forever. For good.)

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