I had the pasta bar and chawanmushi for lunch….

A long time has passed since I uploaded anything to the journals… and a few things have happened that I should at least mention in brief: I exercise my materialistic muscle a little more…

  • I got a sword! No, not a real sword (the blade is not sharp) but it’ll look just fine on the wall. Must give my thanks to Ben for picking that up for me at the Seki festival.
  • I also got a Zaurus SL-C760. I’ve talked about this before. It’s basically a mini-computer that just oozes coolness. Yeah, I really like it. =)
  • Spent a lot of money buying many little things like a new mouse pad that I now swear by, a power bar, some cds, and other useful things. I may have to go back an pick up a wireless optical mouse. It was a really good deal, and that would be really nice.
  • Friday, after bearing yet another two hour Japanese class, Ben, Alex, and I met Lance, Mayu and Mami and went to a really nice Izakaya. A group of drunk business men sat at the table beside us and tried to initiate conversation, so that was cool. The food was really good, and we had some awesome expensive sake that seemed carbonated. The only bad thing was that 98% of the business men (and the 2 accompanying women) were constantly smoking, and we were in a tiny back room. After that, we headed out for karaoke, which was lots of fun. That marks my first time doing karaoke in Japan, and I will be making a point of doing it again. =) about 500yen / person / hour.
  • Yesterday was very relaxing. I went for a swim. Sat at a park and used my new PDA with my wireless card to browse the Internet… c’mon, I *had* to try it! Got lost casually biking around Hashima. Took some pictures. Eventually ended up back at the pool, where I was able to find my way back on my regular route. I intended to update my webpage, but I got wrapped up in translating my Zaurus (everything’s in Japanese). The only non-relaxing thing I did yesterday was try to install a screen protector on my precious new toy…. I ended up TOTALLY SCREWING UP the screen protector, but since that flimsy piece of plastic cost me 500yen ($6CDN), it’s probably gonna stay there for at least a week before I attempt it again with a new one. That was a most troublesome process I’m not looking forward to repeating. *sigh*
  • Today, I have to do some Japanese homework. I must. One of my teachers asks about it every class, and I don’t think I’ve done any for the last couple weeks… =/ I feel bad. Especially cuz she’s so nice! She’s a lot of other things, like the most hyper teacher I’ve ever seen, and ridiculously entertaining. I hope I can get it done.
  • I’m at a transition in my project at work, so it’s a little difficult to get focused, but that is what I must do now. =)

*pops another M&M* Wooooh… a green one!

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