Office Trouble: What’s that foreigner doing making all that noise?!

I’ve already said the office here is quiet. Well… today, I was stuck on a problem at work and getting very sleepy. I had the cheap plastic stylus that came with my zaurus in my hand, and I guess I let it fall. Woops.

*plick plick* At contact with hard floor, my frightened stylus managed to leap into hiding under the massive cabinet at which I sat. Damn. I proceeded to my hands and knees to peer at the underbelly of this metal beast. I couldn’t see it. I grabbed my cell phone and used it’s light to try and cut through the darkness, but I still couldn’t see it. Fine. It *must* be under there, so I cleverly decide to pull the bottom drawer of the cabinet out. It slides with ease, and comes out very far. I could see the floor through the open drawer, but still no stylus. Well, I figured it would just be easier if I completely removed the drawer and then put it back after I’d found what I was looking for.

having a delicious snack in the drawer you most frequently open is dangerous.

A little wiggle here, a small tug there, and the large metal drawer came out with ease. The new problem was this: any time I made contact with the drawer and the cabinet, a hollow clattering of thin metal on thin metal echoed throughout the office – possibly, the whole floor. Great. Oh well, it should be easier to find the stylus now. Nope. I double checked with my light, once more, but no luck. I eventually gave in to the realization that it may not have landed there, and found it behind the cabinet amongst a bunch of black cords. *sigh*

I spent a good 10 minutes trying to put that friggin drawer back together, the whole while causing a cacophony of noise. Of course, because this is Japan, nobody looked at me or asked me what I was doing – they’re saving my face. heh. I would have just laughed about it if they had asked me what I was doing. In fact, I almost wish someone HAD asked me so as I could explain why I was making so much noise on the floor with a big metal drawer removed from its cabinet.

Yeah, I was tired at work, today.

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3 Comments on “Office Trouble: What’s that foreigner doing making all that noise?!”

  1. Jon Says:

    I had a great time reading this. Just FYI.

  2. Steve Says:

    Hahahaha. Good to know, John. 🙂

    Me too, actually. ^_^

  3. Steve Says:

    Cubicle neighbour! You may even remember that…

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