Banana milkshakes and cards

As a perfect prelude to our long weekend, Alex, John, Ben, and I made banana milkshakes and played cards. It also happened to be the perfect way to use up the bananas I had bought but would not be able to finish! ^_^ We just had to buy the milk and ice cream, which we could get from the local konbini. We played a game called, “oh shit,” and it’s very fun and very appropriately named. However, I say, next time we do the milkshake thing, we obtain some rum.

Ben was even able to obtain a covert video with his camera of the heavy card action!

NOTE: Have I mentioned how cheap alcohol is, in Japan? Unless you order a drink at a restaurant or pub, of course. The best example would have to be these awesome killer-hard sake you can get in a tiny tetra-pak – it looks like a small juice box, and it’s cute, so it makes you think this is a kids drink… but don’t let that fool you! It packs a 14.5% punch. One of these little buggers (200ml) will only set you back 100yen ($1.20 CDN). Of course, it’s most probably the worst sake you’ll ever taste – very raw.

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