Takoyaki party at Shirley’s

Now that we (Shirley, Ben, and myself) had takoyaki makers, we wanted to use them!

Takoyaki are fried octopus cakes that Osaka is very well known for.

Since we had so much fun doing the takoyaki party thing at Briar’s, we planned to do the same thing in the good ‘ol countryside! It ended up being at Shirley’s apartment, so we could invite more people than we had originally planned for one of our dorm rooms. Everyone that ended up coming: Shirley, Ben, John, Alex, Suzuki-san (Ben’s coworker), myself, and eventually, Chris (from Tokyo!)

We bought lots of stuff – this was gonna be awesome takoyaki! We even bought shrimp, so that we could try ebi-takoyaki, “ebiyaki?” This night was enjoyable enough that I even did my speech about it. (I had to do a speech to my department at work – so I talked about making takoyaki). We ate lots of takoyaki and snacks we could put in the toaster oven, drank, and watched movies (Austin Powers 2) all night. It was tonnes of fun, and we’ll be sure to do it again! Even if Shirley’s futon now smells like takoyaki…. 😀

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