sitting on a train, heading back from Tokyoo – the end of my Obon holiday

Yes, I’m using my laptop on the train, again… I swear, I’m only a geek *most* of the time…. plus, this wireless internet is so fun to abuse!

It’s odd, I didn’t take many more pictures on my trip. A quick rundown of what I did since last writing:
Thursday – watched Pirates of the Caribean with Hana and went out for an awesome dinner with her parents;
Friday – went to an izakaya with Hana and a couple of her friends (Ako-chan and Akiko-chan), and we even went to a puri-kura!;
Saturday – last day at Hana’s house. Sabishi. The plan was to meet a bunch of the CJP people for dinner and drink, and stay with Jeff again, at his NTT dormitory. The next day, Sunday, I would head home. I asked if Hana wanted to come out for dinner with us, and eventually she decided she would! Sugoi! Because Hana-chan was with us, we went to an izakaya in Shinjuku that she knew, and even had a membership at, so we got a 30% discount! Izakayas are awesome – one of the most social meals you could have. Anyways, the plan followed through mostly accurate, and now it is the next day, and I’m on my way home.

That’s everything! Without all the interesting details, of course!

So, looking back, I’d say that was an awesome time. And I owe it all to Hana-chan and her generous family. I stayed with them for almost a week. THANK YOU! Everyone was willing to spend so much time with me and aid my oh-too-slowly developing Japanese skills. And it was not easy, because they do not speak very much English! (And yes, I speak even less Japanese…) =( Electronic dictionaries are *highly* recommended in situations like this! I’m thinking about getting an electronic dictionary, but I like Shirley’s reasoning: “Why not just buy a pocket pc and put a dictionary program on it?” YES! What a great excuse to get another toy! 😀 But, that really is a good idea! All these things I have to research the costs in Japan, however. Maybe I’ll do that now… if the Internet can connect. Wireless Internet is great when it works, but a lot of the time the trains are out of range… but it always manages to connect at the stations.

I’m a mere 40 minutes away from Ogaki. From there, I will take the bus to Anpachi-cho. I’m looking forward to returning to the dormitory and unpacking all the stuff I bought. I’m not looking forward to returning to work, so much, and I’m also not looking forward to doing laundry. =/

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