wearing Jinbei, kinda tipsy

Today, I got to dress up in samurai armour. How cool is that? =)

And before I even got to type anything, I fell asleep. hah! Why am I so tired, this week?! O.o

August 13 – 11:50am; I am guilty of indulging in a glutinous sleep of 10+ hours…

So, as I was saying… I got to wear samurai armour YESTERDAY….

The day started with a walk around the local area with Hana and Osamu (her younger brother). We walked to Tome river, and watched some fish jump and made a couple failed attempts at skipping non-skippable rocks. Hana had to work at her part time job at a curry restaurant in Akihabara, so we returned to eat breakfast. After breakfast, Hana left for her job and her family took me out to some tourist areas in Narita. Cool! We got to see an old farming village replica (I’m not sure if it was rebuilt or not, but probably), and Narita-san (a huge temple). Both were really cool. I was so disappointed in myself, I was not able to use the bamboo stilts in the village. Apparently, during festivals, the temple is much more lively… but it was still massive, and very beautiful. Why is it that places of worship always look so cool? (I could answer that, but I’m choosing not to, because it did not make it past the “potentially-offensive comment remover.”) I even got to get some omiyage while we were out. Cool.

Today, I went to visit Yukari and her husband, Takashi. Hana and her mother were super generous and saved me lots of time by driving me to and picking me up from a station near to Yukari’s house. Yukari made an awesome dinner, and we talked about all kinds of things. I had a really good night. I learned some interesting vocabulary, including “bishoujo.” I even got to use the Internet (on my own computer), while I was there!

After we all got back to Hana’s house, Hana, her mother and I all drank and ate snacks. So far, every night we have drank and ate snacks very late; but, they say they don’t normally do this. =)

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