Rhythmbox Plugin: Jump to Playing 0.2

I’ve updated the Jump-to-Playing plugin for Rhythmbox. The latest version is now 0.2, and it’s a large improvement. Many thanks to Dan Mihai Ile for his work on the configure dialog and the gconf functionality! I’ve been really busy recently, and without his efforts, I wouldn’t have gotten around to working on this.


toolbar button, context menu item, about dialog, configure dialog

small display mode.  notice something missing?

Changes Since 0.1

  • Added preferences dialog based on work from Dan Mihai Ile, allowing either the toolbar button or the context menu item to be displayed.
  • Modifed the UI of the preferences dialog (HIG compliance).
  • Made the preferences dialog act immediately (HIG compliance).
  • Toolbar Jump-to-Playing button hides in small display mode.
  • Browser button also hides in small display mode. This should probably be moved into a different plugin, or the core. But I’ve left it here, for now.
  • Included QueuePlaylistView’s context menu in addition to the Browser Source popup.
    Moved UI XML into strings within __init__.py.
  • Added GPL license to files.
  • Updated plugin description.
  • Checks if small display is active on activation.


jump-to-playing-0.2.tar.gz (Update: Newer version is available.)


  1. Extract the jump-to-playing folder into your ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/ directory. Completely replace any previous versions.
  2. (Re)Start Rhythmbox and enable the plugin in Edit : Plugins.


  • Force “Properties” to bottom of browser context menu (may depend on placeholder being added to the context menu)
  • Add Configure dialog with checkboxes for toolbar and browser context menu, defaulting to toolbar only (both is a little redundant). Currently, both are added automatically.
    [x] Add button to toolbar
    [_]Add link to browser context menu
  • Hide toolbar button in Small Display mode.

The code could definitely be better and there’s still room for features/general improvements. All patches and code-clean-up are welcome! 😉


  1. I love this plugin, thank you!

    “jump-to-playing-0.2.tar.gz (Update: Newer version is available.)”

    Where is this ‘newer’ version? I install your plugin using a script I have for setting up Ubuntu and I would like to keep up-to-date!

  2. Hi Brett,

    On the blog, I usually just link to the previous version from the newer version – that way, the newer post will show up in the comments on the older post. So the blog post regarding version 0.3 of this plugin is already in the comments for this post.

    And I’m pretty good about updating the link from live.gnome.org plugin page (where you can find other RB plugins).

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