Blog is Back (-ish)

Due to hosting issues, my blog was down for nearly a week. But thanks to the miracle of backups, Shirley and a new (dream?) host, I’m gradually bringing it back – just like I did with tie-dye in the eighties and nineties. (Don’t worry, this will be more successful.)

So if something isn’t quite working like it once was, that’s why. Patience while I stand around in my yellow hat, please.


  1. FYI I’m now up-to-date with your blog. Wow, can’t been it’s been like 6 weeks since I last checked.

    I have been using RSS for more than a month now, but I only had slashdot, gifu gang pipe, and 1 other guy’s blog on it. It never occurred to me that you guys’ blogs supported RSS.

    Anyway, the bug graphic is cool.

  2. @Jon: thanks!

    @popeko: yup.

    @Shirley: I’m so glad I cancelled my plan… years ago.

    @Alex: Anywhere you see that little orange icon or a link with RSS, Feed, or Atom, there’s an RSS feed and you can probably click on it to subscribe. If you’re using Firefox, an orange RSS icon will be displayed in the location bar when it detects a feed on the website you’re at. You can get RSS for almost anything, especially with blogs…. blog posts, comments, comments for a specific post, blog categories/tags, blog search results, blog bloggity blog blog…..

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