Rhythmbox Plugin: Jump to Playing 0.3(.1)

Update 2012-01-29 – Deprecated:
Brief: This plugin has been deprecated. For future versions and updates, please go here.

Less Brief:If you’re using a newer version of Rhythmbox, you’ll need a newer version of this plugin. I’m not sure exactly which RB version the plugin format changed, but I am currently using Rhythmbox 2.90.1 on Ubuntu 11.10 and this plugin no longer works. However, Timo Loewe has ported jump-to-playing to Rhythmbox 3, all properly hosted and everything! Get it and any future updates here (https://github.com/dmo60/JumpToPlaying). This is the version I’m now using. Thanks, Timo! 😀

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The following pertains to the deprecated version of the plugin…

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This plugin will display the View : Jump to Playing Song link as a button in the toolbar and/or as link in the Browser’s context menu. Other Rhythmbox plugins can be found here.


Using a future version of Rhythmbox – patch here – the menu item will appear in a plugin placeholder, above Properties. Otherwise, it will appear at the bottom, like previous versions.

From version 0.3, the Open Folder plugin will also be placed in the plugin placeholder.

Changes Since 0.2

Just a couple small changes since 0.2.

  • Selecting the context menu option in the preferences will now display the link in PodcastView and PlaylistView popups, as well as BrowserView and QueuePlaylistView.
  • Assuming the patch on bug 557152 is applied, this will place the context menu items in a plugin placeholder and allow the Preferences to remain the last menu item.
  • Update (Nov 10 2008): Modified version of patch has been applied to RB development trunk, so the next version of Rhythmbox will have this update. Yay! Version 0.3.1 of jump-to-playing is to account for the modifications. Please use it. 🙂


jump-to-playing-0.3.tar.gz jump-to-playing-0.3.1.tar.gz
Browse the Source: Here
Grab the Source: bzr branch "http://stevenbrown.ca/src/jump-to-playing/"


  1. Extract the jump-to-playing folder into your ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/ directory (or ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins/ directory, if the .gnome2 directory doesn’t exist). Completely replace any previous versions.
  2. (Re)Start Rhythmbox and enable the plugin in Edit : Plugins.


From my previous post.

  • the gconf keys in gconf-editor say they have no schema. The main plugins’ keys have a schema and don’t give a warning. Definitely not serious, though.
  • it currently adds/removes the ui string when the options are toggled in the configure dialog. I have a feeling it might be better to only add/remove them in the activation/deactivation, and just hide/show here. Maybe faster?
  • it currently hides the browser button in small display mode. That has nothing to do with the jump-to-playing button. That should be in core, if it was decided that was the desired behaviour.
  • to hide the buttons in the small display, it checks the value at activation, and it connects to the View menu’s toggleButton’s “toggled” signal. So whenever it’s toggled, the gconf value for the small display mode is checked, but I think there’s a delay sometimes. Pushing Ctrl D quickly a few times may result in incorrect UI presented. I remember deciding that this is due to a delay set on the gconf callback to overcome some other bug….

All patches are welcome! 🙂

Update 2008/10/26: Added screenshot, descriptions to screenshots, and link to main plugin page.

Update 2008/11/10: Added link to version 0.3.1 and added description.

Update 2010/12/08: Added alternative installation directory.


  1. Hello!

    I tryed your plugin and i think its very usefull! 🙂

    I try to code a plugin for rhythmbox, too, but i have a question:
    Do you know how i can react to key sequences with python?

    I asked already in the IRC channel, but it seems that nobofy knows a answer… do you have an idea?

    Sorry, im from Germany and 16, so my English isn`t the best ^^

  2. Hi Dubbel,

    If you mean keyboard combinations, like Ctrl+L, then you’d have to connect your functions to the appropriate GTK+ events. But I’d suggest writing a more detailed question on the rhythmbox-devel list, stating what it is you want to do, and posting example code, if you have any. Good luck. 🙂

  3. When I try to activate this plugin using rhythmbox 0.11.6 (Ubuntu 8.10) I get the message: “Unable to activate plugin Jump to Playing”. On the consulte I get:

    ImportError: No module named jump-to-playing
    (rhythmbox:7030): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: Could not load plugin jump-to-playing
    (rhythmbox:7030): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: Error, impossible to activate plugin ‘Jump to Playing’

  4. Hi Ed,

    I have the same setup and I just tried deleting my installed version, downloading the version(s) on this webpage, and restarting RB. I had no problems, so I’m not sure what the problem is. My only suggestion is to stop RB, remove the current ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/jump-to-playing folder and download/extract it again. There should be 4 files inside the jump-to-playing folder, at first. When you’ve done that, start RB again and see if the problem is still there. (After starting RB should compile and add two more files to the folder, so there should be six files.)

  5. Not sure if it will help anyone, but here’s a quick script for installation:

    # install jump-to-playing 0.3.1
    cd $HOME &&
    wget http://www.stevenbrown.ca/blog/files/2008/10/jump-to-playing-0.3.1.tar.gz
    # make sure the file downloaded properly
    if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
    	echo ' !! Could not download jump-to-playing plugin!'
    # delete old jump-to-playing plugin, if it exists
    if [ -d $HOME/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/jump-to-playing/ ]; then
    	rm -r $HOME/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/jump-to-playing/
    # create rhytmbox directory if it does not exist
    if [ ! -d $HOME/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/ ]; then
    	mkdir -p $HOME/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/
    # extract downloaded file to rhythmbox plugins directory
    if [ -f $HOME/jump-to-playing-0.3.1.tar.gz ]; then
    	tar -xvzf jump-to-playing-0.3.1.tar.gz -C $HOME/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/ &&
    	rm $HOME/jump-to-playing-0.3.1.tar.gz
    	echo ' !! Could not install jump-to-playing plugin!'
  6. Doesn’t work for me.. I’m on debian wheezy (testing) amd64 and rhythmbox 0.12.8-3.
    All songs are in a nfs mounted volume, but I don’t think this is the problem

  7. Hi,

    I tried both install directories, but the plugin doesn’t show in Rhythmbox..

    Rhythmbox 2.90.1
    Xubuntu 11.10

  8. Hi tabasco,

    I actually have the same problem as you. And I’m sorry, I haven’t had a good chance to look into why. It seems 3rd party plugins don’t work on the 11.10 version of RB…. :/

    I will update here if anything changes.

  9. Hi Steve,

    I’m about to write a lyrics plugin for Rhythmbox (one that actually works) and thereby stumbled upon your plugin. I liked the idea and I ported the core functionality to work with the new Rhythmbox 3 (I removed the preference things though).
    I was just wondering, if you want me to send you the code or if you mind me pushing it to my github site (https://github.com/dmo60 , you can also find my lyrics plugin there and test it 😉 )

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