that extra day makes a huge difference

Last Wednesday was “Japan Day,” but the company machine still turned.
Instead, we got Friday off! That one extra day that you do not have to
go to work is a HUGE difference. If the work week had 4 days, the world
would be a better place.

Unfortunately, I spent Valentine’s Day weekend in my room, trying to
recover from a cold. I ate a minimum of 3 mikan (Japanese oranges) a
day, and drank lots of orange juice. I snacked all day on shelled
peanuts and other little things. I stuck inside, only leaving my cave
for groceries or dinner. It seemed, every time I left the dormitory,
that it would be raining and/or windy -> making my bike ride much
more difficult.

Japanese classes ended on Friday! I forgot to get my teacher’s email…
even after she said, “Steve, keep in touch.” … damn. I guess I was
too confused by having to say Japanese nothings and call it a speech.
Oh well, I’m signed up for a Japanese flower arrangement and tea
ceremony in March… maybe I’ll see someone there I can get it from….

Oh yeah, this was funny…. =)

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