VNC Server on Zaurus SL-C760

Finally got around to setting up a VNC server on my PDA. It freaked me out a little when the first app I tried prevented stylus input. DELETE! So, that was because I was using an old version of fbvncserver made for the zaurus 5500. I have the zaurus SL-C760 (still using default SHARP ROM), and it’s not available outside of Japan, so the best support is… in Japan, of course. After fruitless efforts browsing ZUG forums and other “local” resources, I made a quick trip to and found what I was looking for here. Install it. Reboot QT, and voila! I gotta admit, it’s pretty sexy controlling the zaurus through my laptop… I can’t believe it took me so long to get around to doing this. Apparently, the new fbvncserver for the 6000 model will also work, you just have to change the default mode from portrait (or something).

Heading out to Half-Price Computer Books, today. They got a big sale on… gonna go bargain hunting. I’ll probably end up buying more books I don’t need.

Update: Took some action shots!

VNC working its magic
VNC - Screengrab

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7 Comments on “VNC Server on Zaurus SL-C760”

  1. Alex Says:

    Holy cow, this post is one of the geekest yet — the VNC server in the title already shut my brain. The only thing I understood was that you’ll end up with more books.

  2. Steve Says:

    Hmm.. well, I didn’t intend for it to be the geekiest post ever, but it is filed under “geek.” 😉 Basically, it’s just here if other people are having the same problems I had. Just trying to do my part, ya know? 🙂

  3. Jonbu Says:

    nah, i have seen geekier.
    that does sound pretty cool, remote controlling ur zaurus. remote controlling anything *white* is cool in my book.

  4. ShyaaRii Says:

    I don’t think Steve wrote this post (and in fact most of his geeky posts) for his readers. It’s more like tips for the googlers.

    Waiting for Sharp to add wifi, pim+sync support, bluetooth……
    Also waiting for apple to release their own PDA……

  5. Steve Says:

    Shirley is, of course, correct.

    If Sharp added all that stuff, it would still probably only be available in Japan. :-/

    And if this fabled apple PDA was linux based, like OSX, then it may be pretty cool. It’ll probably cost a fortune, though. I’m just afraid apple would use their PDA as a way to lock people into more and more proprietary formats. *sigh*

    iCal is open… I’m not familiar with many other apple-created formats.

  6. Randy Says:

    Are you running Linux on the laptop or Win? I have been trying to get this package installed on my SL-C3000 but it doesn’t want to recognize it as a package.

  7. Steve Says:

    Hi, Randy.

    I’m running Linux on my Laptop. But whether you’re using Linux or Windows shouldn’t matter, as long as you have an appropriate VNC client installed. I’m using vncviewer by RealVNC, but there are many others available.

    Which package exactly are you trying to install on your SL-C3000? If you’re using the package from the Japanese page I referenced, the package is actually for the SL-C700, but it will likely work on SL-C3000. The (translated) instructions are as follows:

    1) install zlib
    2) install custom vnc server
    3) restart the zaurus

    Also, if you are you cannot install or find the package with the built-in installation tools, you can try the command line. Open your terminal/console application and cd to the directory holding the ipk, and do something like:

    # ipkg install mypackage.ipk

    Hope that helps.

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