Cube the Cat

My roommate has a cat named Cube. You can see his recent 2nd birthday picture over at Pope’s bloggy-thing. When Cube is not taking up as much of my tiny bed as he possibly can, he’s … well, he’s most likely lounging somewhere else. Ah, the life of a cat. Anyways, here’s some snaps of the ‘lil guy. 🙂

drink it, Cube!

drink it, Cube!

He drank it all up.


Cube and the penny jar


  1. Yeah, I’m not sure what the problem is. There was no problem earlier today when I posted some screenshots on the geeky post.

    Most of the pics are blurry because they are taken without the flash. It’s also extremely hard to take good pictures of a black cat…

  2. Aha! Figured out the problem! For some reason, the thumbnails weren’t generated when the href contained a space. After manually changing the link spaces to %20’s, it worked. Odd. 😐

  3. you cant be scared of the CUBE
    he is the allmighty CUBE
    the best little CUBE there is

    …he’s also damn cute.

  4. hehehe.. “Chicken the Parrot”

    Cube’s got a real nice temper. You can pick him up, dangle him, and roll him over… all he asks for, in return, is some yogurt. :mrgreen:

  5. Hm, Cube sounds awfully like you… only if you could be picked up…

    My cat ain’t friendly at all. He’s the kind what would eat a parrot any day. Seriously, he ambushes our guests. Maybe that’s his way of playing…

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