There’s still no “unsend”

Came home from school to a find a rather amusing MSN message waiting for me:
(13:48:33) my_roommate: y’at school?
(13:49:03) my_roommate: nveermind, your laptop is here… DUH

I’d like to point out that it took a good minute and a half half a minute (ahem) for him to turn his head and realize my laptop was within 15 ft of him. šŸ™‚

Got a comment (permalink?) from one of the LUGRadio guys! How he found my tiny blog, I’m not entirely sure… but that’s pretty cool. There’s a new episode out. I’ll put it on my PDA, shortly.

That reminds me, I went to the Vancouver LUG meeting, for the first time, on Monday. While there wasn’t much on Linux at this particular meeting, it was still very interesting and I will try to go to them regularly.

UPDATE: Just thought I’d add a note (for any other wandering WordPress users) that when I tried setting up permalinks for WP, I had a bit of trouble. I recommend just using the /archives/%post_id% format to make things simpler. I found this post after getting it to work.


  1. Both! But they were more like “men” and “women.” I was one of the youngest there. Also, I think there were more people than usual, at the last meeting, because a lot of employees from the company presenting were there.

  2. Oh… that’s cuz … uh… my messenger likes to take off a minute on consecutive messages… or something.

    shit. šŸ˜

    modified appropriately. eheheh. ^^;

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