Oh man. I had a midterm, today, in the course I absolutely loath. I didn’t have the greatest amount of confidence, (as I generally suck at the material), but on one question, I wrote the following bold statement:
I do not see how this is possible given the conditions. And I repeated the list of conditions, or rather, restrictions.

I wrote a little bit that I was able, but I basically considered the question marks out the window because I couldn’t figure out some stupid trick. Then after the test was handed in, the following conversation took place:

Student: Could you tell us how to do question four?
Prof: *looks at test* Okay… Well, you’ll have to sort the array, and then split it recursively from…
Student: But you can’t modify the array.
Prof: You can’t create another array as a variable.
Student: But, the question also says you cannot modify the array.
Prof: *mumbles question as he reads it again* Oh god.


Awesome. I may pass this test, after all.

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  1. Alex Says:

    That’s hilarious. Somebody should’ve asked whether the question was poorly worded during the exam… Hm, but maybe this is better for you. 😀

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