Papa’s got a brand new (shopping) bag!

I actually studied, last night! Man, it’s been a while….

And in my typical fassion, I did not study what I was suppose to. I convinced myself that I should study the more basic stuff before I reached what we’re currently working on. I just barely grazed what we’re currently working on, but I think I’ll be okay. I’m glad I covered some of the basics. It was really hard to study, though, as it usually is, because there are so many things I would like to get done! Currently on my plate:

  • modifying a script I downloaded from the Internet to generate static HTML pages for viewing photos. Right now, it adds metadata from the digital camera (stuff like the time the photo was taken and if a flash was used), but there’s no efficient way for me to add comments yet – that’s the BIG TODO for the gallery. Once I get that done, you shall fear the mass amounts of photo-barf being spewed in your general direction! Fear it, I say! er….
  • STUDY, of course. I’m in Japan. I will enjoy it more the more I understand.
  • get Internet working on my Linux installation. I’m not exactly sure how to set up the wireless modem in Linux, and all the documentation I find is in Japanese. But, I would REALLY like to use Linux more. Not than anyone cares….
  • I want to work on my webpage! As you may (or may not) have noticed, it hasn’t really been updated. I’ve been trying to catch up in actually *writing* my journal entries, and haven’t had time to upload them as webpages. This weekend, I will.
  • I’ve been doing some research on future purchases I may make while in Japan. I’ve almost decided completely 100% that I want to get a Sharp Zaurus SL-C760 ( “Well, Steve, that’s fine and dandy, but what exactly IS that?” I’m so glad you asked! It’s basically a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) / PPC (Pocket PC). However, generally, PDAs run the Palm operating system, and PPCs run WindowsCE (eeew). This baby runs linux! A full-fledged operating system! Lately, I’ve been having very geeky dreams… but I won’t talk about those. Anyways, this is only available in Japan. You can order it in the US for 800$ – 900$ US, if you’re rich. In Japan, the price is currently about 56000yen; after tax, about $700 CDN. Yes, still very expensive. But this would allow me to do so many cool things! These things are so cool, that most people reading this either won’t understand or care! That means they’re VERY cool…. yup. *adjusts coke-bottle glasses and snorts*
  • And just today, a few minutes ago, my attention was brought to a new Sanyo DV camera that will be released soon. it is only a bit more than the Zaurus, at 60000yen, and it records video onto digital media for as long as you have space available! It’s small, AND it functions as a regular digital camera, as well. Yay, Sanyo! Company pride is cool. Add to all this that it looks like a phaser from Star-Trek, and you have another thing on my shopping list.
  • with all these digital toys, I ‘m gonna need some memory. Nothing special, just a necessity.
  • also, with all these digital toys, I will need money to acquire them. I’m currently investigating the prospects of male prostitution, in Japan.

Woah, I hope that’s all I add to my personal wish-list, for a while! There are other things I’d like, of course, but not so pressingly as these. Okay, I’d better do work and stuff. It’s been so hard to work today. Friday.

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