Japanese Bar-B-Q

A coworker was nice enough to invite us to a Japanese-style BBQ with her, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s friend. We had to be ready by 11am. I was a COMPLETE idiot and actually ate a healthy breakfast of choco flakes and banana slices, earlier that morning – I had no idea what was ahead of me. First, John, Ben, and I are picked up by Uji and her boyfriend (in a BMW, no less). We drive to Shirley’s ultra-inaka (but still cool) apartment and pick her up.

Now, BMW’s are nice cars, especially ones equiped with a full GPS unit like this on had, but they are not meant to have 4 people in the back seat. We arrive at Uji’s house 20 minutes later, and get out of the car. John: “I think my bones are misplaced.” Yeah, he was sitting next to me – I didn’t have much problem, but I guess John doesn’t quite have the same build as me and he just kind of folded where I wasn’t affected. 😀 Sorry, John. ^_^

The other guy arrived the biggest frigging truck I’ve ever seen before… with a huge extended cab. I took a couple pictures of it, I think. =) It seated us all comfortably (total seating of 7 people, I think). Off to the grocery store! While I was meandering back and forth poking fish-things and other squishy substances, everyone else was going CRAZY buying food! So much beef, pork, weiners, fish, prawns, vegetables… crazy, I say!

It took maybe 1/2 hour more to get to the BBQ destination at the base of a mountain. It was really nice. We dug out a little hole, put some rocks around it (to balance the tray on), and started the fire… eventually. We did more of the standard fare: drinking/eating/socializing/cooking. And there’s not ONE thing wrong with that! It was dark before we decided we had to roll ourselves out from that site, and back into the massive truck.

Back to Uji’s house! This, of course, made Uji very nervous: she had not prepared for visitors! No, really: she was horrified. We had to buy more drinks, so she was dropped off and said, “take your time,” in a commanding but polite way. =) We got back just as Uji had just finished, judging by her relieved look on her face. We still had yaki soba (fried Japanese noodles) to eat. But, not just yet… we were all pretty stuffed with the day-long feast, thus far. Fish eggs. I can’t believe how many friggin fish eggs I ate, that day. Or, should I say, fish FULL of fish eggs. Anyways, it was all good.

We had lots more fun continuing to snack and drink, of course. We had a great selection of drinks, including BMW wine! Yeah, Uji’s boyfriend is a BMW salesman… so I saw more BMW that day than any other day in my life. BMW calendars. BMW wine. BMW insulated bags. The food, just like the rest of the day, was awesome. I really want to get my own electric frying pan or something, so as I can cook my own stuff. The only problem would be the smell in my room… but I think I could leave the window open most of the time… until winter, that is.

We got back around 1am, I think. I was thinking I wouldn’t need to eat for a whole week.

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