Just got back from Sanyo Solar Ark Festival….

Holy crap! I’m SOO CUT!

The festival was awesome! Some of the nurses that we met last week came and hung out with us for a bit. Also, Sanyo has these festivals every year (apparently) and every year they hire brazillian dancers. I’ve heard of the term G-string before, but never “T-back.” They’re similar. And man did these girls have six-packs!! Very nice! But, the best part was getting totally wasted with everyone! Initially, Ben, Alex, and I, took part in a couple LARGE shots of Kumashochu (the 25% poison that has actually started to grow on me) before we left. This made our spirits high very quickly! In fact, for those that really know me, you’ll know I do not like beer. There was no sake or any other alcoholic beverage at the festival, so I started drinking beer. And other people (co-workers and such) started buying me beers. So, I drank. I drank so much, that eventually, the beer actually started to taste good!

But I’m a little worried about Ben. I think he may have drank too much. He was knocking over tables and cursing a lot, by the end of the night. Ben was more gone than I was, but…

I repeat: I am wasted!
Bath time!

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