Halloween pics uploaded.

Okay… believe it or not, I’ve actually had a couple of requests for the horrible pictures I took at my cousin’s Halloween party. I went with my friend Kurt (the one with the authentic cloak AND curly hair), and the two Korean students that are staying at our house. I met my brother (Wolverine), his girlfriend (Storm), my sister (1930’s Gangster Girl?), some familiar faces I didn’t expect (including my dad) and, of course, my cousin (the Wizard). I’m not exactly sure what I was… a stark white guy with jet black dreads? The sunglasses made me appear blind, and often really did blind me! 😮 After removing (most) bad photos, and some of the redundant ones, I was left with 60 photos. Of these, I have tastefully selected 21 photos to post on the web. 🙂 If you were there and want a particular photo (and you actually remember!), just email me. I don’t have time to comment all the photos… but “GB” = “Green Bastard.”

Some of the photos:


Kurt ‘n I. Sometimes, drunken fingers covering the flash is a good thing!


Wolverine, Storm, and a digital camera.



The Food

The food. I didn’t eat enough. The salmon dip was really good.


Check out those chops!


I don’t know how I took this picture. Seriously! There were 3 others like it…

The rest of the pics (no comments)

On a completely different note, I finished The Wheel of Time – Book3. These are long books, and it seems like it’s just getting started. 😐 I have a feeling Robert Jordan doesn’t know how to end this series… but I’m hooked. Oh, and I added a direct link to strongbad email… cuz everybody should watch those! I’ve also updated the comment system to prevent mr.texas-holdem from comment spamming my precious blog. (see previous posts for details). Take that, SPAM!

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8 Comments on “Halloween pics uploaded.”

  1. bokujony Says:

    oh man, you and ur bro look so much alike! I saw the pictures before reading, and thought you did a double shift and had two sets of customes..

  2. ShyaaRii Says:

    The link to Strong Bad Email ….

  3. Steve Says:

    John, lots of people have said me and my bro look alike. But people have also said I look like my dad, my sister(s), my mom, … I didn’t know it was possible to look like so many people (and still look so good!) 😉

    Strongbad email link is now fixed. Thanks, Shirley. Was missing the “http”, so it turned into a weird relative link. 😐

    Now, I must ponder long hours on what a “double shift” is…. 🙂

  4. Alex Says:

    Strongbad. Dude, this reminded me of the not-so-great ol’ days of downloading those Flashs up on the roof of the dormitory, trying to get that perfect connection for our snail-fast PHS cards.

    They all had a Halloween theme!! And you just showed up with some make-do customes! I think you could make use of the maniacal look that you try so hard hiding. I think vampire would do you good, especially under those flashes that ALWAYS give you red eyes.

  5. Alex Says:

    Crap, forgot to say something — you look like one of those middle-easterners with their hair band things. I thought you wouldn’t want to be from the middle east!? 😀

    Btw, how DO you put emoticons on your page?

  6. Steve Says:

    Ah yes, the PHS days… watching flash animations on the roof of the Sanyo dorm… cuz it’s the only place we could get a signal. Memories. I’m *so* glad our American neighbour could speak Japanese the way he could, and wanted to split the costs of his super crazy fast adsl – even if I did have to buy an antenna to reach the router (curiously placed in his room). But I really did miss the PHS when I wanted to check the train schedule on my Zaurus… just being able to browse the internet in the park (in Hashima) was cool! Cost a fortune, though.

    I’ve been a vampire for Halloween so many times… maybe next year. You’re right, I do sorta look like I’m from the Middle East. …Odd. And Alex, my friend, it looks like you answered your emoticon question yourself, you sly guy. 😉 If you’re still at a loss, see the second link: “WP Emoticons.”

  7. bokujony Says:

    What is a Emoticons discussion without Mr.Green?


    (summoning mr.green now takes a lot more work thanks to the Enter-this-code security feature. Can you make it so we only have to enter one code? :D)

  8. Steve Says:

    By any chance, would that code be “mrgreen”, John? No.

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