Halloween pics uploaded.

Okay… believe it or not, I’ve actually had a couple of requests for the horrible pictures I took at my cousin’s Halloween party. I went with my friend Kurt (the one with the authentic cloak AND curly hair), and the two Korean students that are staying at our house. I met my brother (Wolverine), his girlfriend (Storm), my sister (1930’s Gangster Girl?), some familiar faces I didn’t expect (including my dad) and, of course, my cousin (the Wizard). I’m not exactly sure what I was… a stark white guy with jet black dreads? The sunglasses made me appear blind, and often really did blind me! 😮 After removing (most) bad photos, and some of the redundant ones, I was left with 60 photos. Of these, I have tastefully selected 21 photos to post on the web. 🙂 If you were there and want a particular photo (and you actually remember!), just email me. I don’t have time to comment all the photos… but “GB” = “Green Bastard.”

Some of the photos:


Kurt ‘n I. Sometimes, drunken fingers covering the flash is a good thing!


Wolverine, Storm, and a digital camera.



The Food

The food. I didn’t eat enough. The salmon dip was really good.


Check out those chops!


I don’t know how I took this picture. Seriously! There were 3 others like it…

The rest of the pics (no comments)

On a completely different note, I finished The Wheel of Time – Book3. These are long books, and it seems like it’s just getting started. 😐 I have a feeling Robert Jordan doesn’t know how to end this series… but I’m hooked. Oh, and I added a direct link to strongbad email… cuz everybody should watch those! I’ve also updated the comment system to prevent mr.texas-holdem from comment spamming my precious blog. (see previous posts for details). Take that, SPAM!


  1. oh man, you and ur bro look so much alike! I saw the pictures before reading, and thought you did a double shift and had two sets of customes..

  2. John, lots of people have said me and my bro look alike. But people have also said I look like my dad, my sister(s), my mom, … I didn’t know it was possible to look like so many people (and still look so good!) 😉

    Strongbad email link is now fixed. Thanks, Shirley. Was missing the “http”, so it turned into a weird relative link. 😐

    Now, I must ponder long hours on what a “double shift” is…. 🙂

  3. Strongbad. Dude, this reminded me of the not-so-great ol’ days of downloading those Flashs up on the roof of the dormitory, trying to get that perfect connection for our snail-fast PHS cards.

    They all had a Halloween theme!! And you just showed up with some make-do customes! I think you could make use of the maniacal look that you try so hard hiding. I think vampire would do you good, especially under those flashes that ALWAYS give you red eyes.

  4. Crap, forgot to say something — you look like one of those middle-easterners with their hair band things. I thought you wouldn’t want to be from the middle east!? 😀

    Btw, how DO you put emoticons on your page?

  5. Ah yes, the PHS days… watching flash animations on the roof of the Sanyo dorm… cuz it’s the only place we could get a signal. Memories. I’m *so* glad our American neighbour could speak Japanese the way he could, and wanted to split the costs of his super crazy fast adsl – even if I did have to buy an antenna to reach the router (curiously placed in his room). But I really did miss the PHS when I wanted to check the train schedule on my Zaurus… just being able to browse the internet in the park (in Hashima) was cool! Cost a fortune, though.

    I’ve been a vampire for Halloween so many times… maybe next year. You’re right, I do sorta look like I’m from the Middle East. …Odd. And Alex, my friend, it looks like you answered your emoticon question yourself, you sly guy. 😉 If you’re still at a loss, see the second link: “WP Emoticons.”

  6. What is a Emoticons discussion without Mr.Green?


    (summoning mr.green now takes a lot more work thanks to the Enter-this-code security feature. Can you make it so we only have to enter one code? :D)

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