Snowboarding Mount Seymour

Last week, I spent Wednesday at Mount Seymour. Man, that mountain has changed over the last… six years!? Half of it seems divided into free style. It’s pretty cool! But the chairs are still dead slow and the runs fairly short, so you spend a while on the chair in between runs. The weather was awesome except for a fog that was hanging around Mystery Chair until after lunch. But then it lifted and the afternoon sun had its way with the snow and provided for a VERY nice ride. I’ve never been up a mountain totally solo before. It can get pretty lonely, but I think I got some good practice in and it was still enjoyable. I’m still kinda sore.

I need to decide when I will use my Cypress (with my bro?) and Whistler tickets…. Hmmmm… Soon.

Some photos:

Lodge Chair
Lodge Chair. You can see the free style section to the right.

Proof I was there.

Foggy Mystery Chair
Mid-week is the best time to go. There was practically nobody there! Never waited for more than one or 2 people in the lines!

Rising above the fog
The fog hung mostly around the middle of Mystery Chair. This is taken on the chairlift, near the top, just as I’m entering beautiful blue sky. Then my camera died.

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