Happy Halloween!


I did the pumpkin on the left. Sori, our Korean homestay student did the pumpkin of Sky (our cat) in the centre. Maki, our Japanese homestay student, did the ghost pumpkin on the right. Unfortunately, Maki’s already returned to Japan, so she doesn’t get to experience Halloween. 🙁

There’s some houses that go crazy with decorations on Halloween. My mom likes to take students around to look at these houses.

haunted house

This haunted house is in Lynne Valley, North Vancouver. They’ve been doing it for years. It’s so elaborate, with animatronics and lights, you’d think you walked on to a movie set. You can go walk through by (food) donation (very long lines) or you can just drive by, get out and stand and gawk. That’s what we do. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo… it was dusk, and raining, and my hand is not a tripod. 😛

Oh, almost forgot my annual reminder: Do not go to Fright Night at the PNE. It’s terrible (unless you find plywood and fences scary). Save $20 and go to the Kyllo Manor mentioned above (1920 Casano Drive). It’s at least 100 times better and the donation is for a good cause. Probably need to drive, though.

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5 Comments on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. popeko Says:

    i thought you had artistic hands Steven. Your pumpkin pales in comparison..

  2. Steve Says:

    Yeah, the students did a really good job! The ghost is a pattern from a book and the cat was custom designed! I just kinda winged it.

    Where’s your pumpkin, popeko?

  3. kabu Says:

    i missed it all… now there’s a gaping hole in my heart

  4. Steve Says:

    kabu, I’m sure… 😛

  5. popeko Says:

    needs google maps for the address!

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