hello blog

To say I’ve been lazy recently may not be entirely correct. I have, however, put off doing lots of things; blogging is one of them. So I’ve got a bit to catch up on. I’m gonna try and make it fairly brief, as I want to go to sleep soon. back in north van First… Continue reading hello blog

Wedding Photos

Finally got around to posting some pictures. Scott & Kim’s Wedding Ben & Mayu’s Wedding (and the following evening) Happy Birthday, Canada!


Got my tablet sorta-working in Linux. A quick sketch, over a photo. I also finally got hugin installed on Gentoo! Hello wonderful world of panoramas! (Note: each ~2MB) To create this panorama, I used 5 photos I had taken when I was at Granville Island, a long time ago, followed this tutorial, and used the… Continue reading Finally…

Bachelor Food!

I love food. I enjoy cooking it, and I love eating it! 😀 One of life’s simplest pleasures. As I’ve recently moved out, I’m having to buy all my own stuff to be able to make things. This has the advantage that I can be specific in what I eat, but it has the huge… Continue reading Bachelor Food!

Cube the Cat

My roommate has a cat named Cube. You can see his recent 2nd birthday picture over at Pope’s bloggy-thing. When Cube is not taking up as much of my tiny bed as he possibly can, he’s … well, he’s most likely lounging somewhere else. Ah, the life of a cat. Anyways, here’s some snaps of… Continue reading Cube the Cat